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Advice please!


Blue eagle

New member
Aug 24, 2021
Hello, I could really use some people’s advice. My dad had a break down 6 years ago, he received help and got his life back on track wasn’t 100% but he was doing well. 8 weeks ago he had another one, unrelated to the first one but he moved out for 8 weeks and has only just come home saying he will speak to someone but today he’s had another episode and is refusing to seek help. I’m really at a loss, he doesn’t want to listen to anyone, he’s saying no one believes him in regards to what issues he’s having and nobody’s listening to him but we’re doing the best we can. We’ve sat and let him talk it through, listened to him and even tried to talk through some solutions with him but he doesn’t want to know, he can’t rationalise properly. Where do we go from here? Any suggestions are much appreciated


Well-known member
Aug 4, 2021
:welcome: a warm welcome, there are lots of really helpful people on the forum and I hope you find some advice to make a difference in your situation. I'm sorry things are stuck, be gentle and patient with him as he sounds like he is in a vulnerable place and your support might be overwhelming or getting help too much to cope with during this period. If you don't mind sharing, what kind of episodes/issues is your dad experiencing?

Blue eagle

New member
Aug 24, 2021
Thank you for your reply! :) yeah I understand and he’s coming across as paranoid, he can’t rationalise like people generally can. He’s been out and shouted at the neighbour twice that he thinks is spying on him (I’m not saying they aren’t because I have no idea, they are quite strange!) but he doesn’t see that he needs additional help to help him through this but he can also get upset
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