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Advice please



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Nov 16, 2008
A mate last night sent me an email asking how I was, well I have just read the reply I sent and was wondering if anyone could say if this is 'normal'?

To tell the god honest, I don’t know how to feel at the moment, I don’t know who I can trust/talk to (yes I know you are there, and am thankful for that, but it does just seem to be going around.)

I mean maybe what I am seeing is a glimpse of what is going on, away from this matrix, I mean I seen my ex. On the bus while making sure that my friend got home and while going down Oak Road an object got thrown through the window, it was the window in front of me and my friend!

I know it may sound stupid, but maybe, he is actually caring? Maybe he is trying to lead me out of this matrix? back to his love? Don’t get me wrong I know it could be anything, for all I know it could have been the government trying to ‘get rid’ of people who know?! I am just confused and need answers! But that would tie into why there were about four police vans leaving the street when I came home wouldn’t it? To see if I had come home?!

As I say at the moment I don’t know!
Rambuie Perspecador

Rambuie Perspecador

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Dec 21, 2007
My diagnosis is you are over-wrought and over-stressed, and you need to try and relax your mind and let up on the search for explanations for everything happening - some things really are simply co-incidental and dependant on how you are perceiving things at a particular time, which will change when you relax and alter your perspecives. Put on some soothing, mood-altering music - quietly, and make yourself comfortable - and most of all try to stop Worrying! :unsure:
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