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advice on PND



New member
Apr 16, 2010
i am new to the forum and its kind of a last resort cos i dont know what to do. I have a 1 year old baby and have suffered from depression since i was pregnant which has carried on and got worse. I have constant anxiety, i have a feeling in my stomach almost all the time, like a nervous feeling. I have headaches, irritable bowl problem (i think) and feel so tired all the time. I have no interest in anything, i spend every day stayin in and thinking i'll do somethin tomorrow but i find it so hard. i live with my babys father and its ok but we argue alot and he really doesnt understand what im going through he thinks im being pathetic and miserable. i've been to the doctors at elast 3 time and i saw the health visitor but they have sort of forgotten about me. no one ever gets back to me, i finally went the other day and said i really need help, but its hard to say it. she said she would refer me to their counsellor but that she does have a waiting list. to top it all im pregnant again, i agonized over whether to have it or not but decided i couldnt have an abortion as its my babys brother or sister but i really dont know how im going to cope with pregnancy all over again and another baby. I obsess over my weight and looks as well and am very insecure, even if the slightest thing comes on the tv with my boyfriend i get the hump. Sometimes i stop and think, my life is great i have a lovely baby, i love my boyfriend, i could be out doing fun stuff with my baby everyday (i dont work im on benefits) so why am i not happy?? i have moments of extreme happyiness no and again where my mood changes like a switch but thats about 1% of the time and they never last more than half hour or so.
wow i rambled on i dont know if this is the right forum to put this on or if its to much?? thanks



hello jane

sorry you didn't get a reply so soon. some people slip through!

don't let that put you off! if you have a look in the more specialised areas you might want to raise your issues there. you'll definitely get replies and advice and support.

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