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advice on hospital rules and benefits available to me



Apr 5, 2017
Hope this the right place for this post :scratcheshead:

I am hoping to get some advice on any help available to me and my wife and hopefully find out what our rights are regarding hospital rules and benefits. Any information or tips where I can get information would appreciated.
I am my wife’s carer and my wife suffers from Anthropophobia ( fear of people),Depression, Anxiety and panic attacks and has no trust and actual fear of any authority people including Dr’s.
She now has developed Neuroendocrine tumours (NETs) and needs a stomach operation involving the removal of part of her stomach and possibly chemotherapy.
I sufferer from Crohne’s disease and Spondyloarthritis and stress makes my condition worse and I am on immune suppressants, so need to be careful who I am around with.
We live 120 miles round trip from the hospital in a remote part of Scotland, got no relatives here or friends and got one Labrador dog, which always has gone everywhere with us.
We are in receipt of benefit and get hospital fares paid for when the patient or patient with the carer travels there.
Hospital accommodation would be available but they do not take dogs.
So what happens when my wife goes to hospital, would I be able to claim for travel daily as a carer and not a patient, could they be able to give us room so I can stay with her on the ward because of her Anthropophobia to keep her calm and put the dog in a kennel (possible claim for the kennel) or stay in a bed and breakfast near the hospital and claim for that.
Also will she be exempt from the visiting rules, eg can I be there all day as I am her carer and she needs me to keep her calm?
Staying in a Bed and Breakfast or travelling daily, as long as I can claim for this, would mean I could look after my wife and the dog as long as I would be allowed to be with my wife all day till the evening.
Sorry for this long post but this really getting to me, as there is strong possibility my wife will not have the operation if I cannot be with her after the operation which could be fatal. We cannot afford all the daily travel or b and b and the dog cannot be left on its own
Thank in advance for any info.


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Sep 12, 2013
Hi, sorry to hear you are both going through this. Unfortunately I don't know the answer to a lot of your questions. The hospital I work in, in England would allow you to stay all day in these circumstances. It would be worth discussing with the ward prior to admission. It would also be worth asking at her pre-op appointment if she can be prioritised for a side room for several reasons. 1. To reduce her stress levels 2. To reduce the risk of infection to you as her carer and 3. The hospital I work in allows dogs to visit in side rooms and day rooms but not in shared patient rooms. Obviously you would need to check the policy on dogs as it may differ in different hospitals.

I'm afraid that I don't know the answers to the financial questions. I would suggest contacting Mind or Rethink for advice and also to enquire if there are any charitable grants available for people in your circumstances.

Also if you have pet insurance check your policy, I seem to think mine covers me if I'm in hospital and they need to go into kennels.