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Advice on grieving


Eminem 12345

Active member
Mar 7, 2020
I have recently lost my mother on Wednesday there I want some advice on how to deal with the grieving I have a lready lost my father when I was 12 I'm 20 now and I've lost both of them I have a girlfriend and family I can focus on but I just want advice I am also scared I might loose my mind i have attachment trauma cptsd and ocd and my ocd is worse at them moment the thing I'm worried about is schizophrenia runs heavily on my biological dads side of the family he had it his dad had it his grandad had it my uncle has it and I'm worried this grieving along with other traumas might send me over the edge just now I feel fine I don't feel psychotic or anything I am just struggling with the grieving has anyone on here got any advice on how to deal with both parents passing away


Well-known member
Jan 5, 2011
I can fully understand your grief, I have lost both my parents and my husband. With coronavirus people aren't visiting people in their own homes but you might like to try finding out if CRUSE who are grief specialists. www.cruse.org.uk

I had them come to me and help me. They suggested that I used all sorts of techniques to help me come to terms with the grief. Talk about her and tell us about her. What sort of woman was she, and how close were you? and more than that.

As for schizophrenia, its not necessarily something you will get. You say you have no signs of it now so I doubt you will get it because of the grief you are experiencing. Grief is almost physical it hurts so much. There is a great big "hole" in your life which was mother shaped in the past. It feels intense and at times even frightening. But we are here to support you through it every step of the way. Its a journey and there is an end to it. You don't "get over" grief you learn to live with it.


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Jul 8, 2019
ditto to what Calypso said

handling your feelings in a healthy way
will go some way to protecting your mental health definitely

I would pay attention to my feelings of grief
for some of the day, and then ask myself for some distraction
because not health to be in my feelings all the time

:hug5: 🎼 🍀
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