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Advice on Emotional Support Animals?



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Mar 20, 2020
I've been up at odd hours again and don't go to sleep until dawn. I'll sleep through the mid afternoon and then will stay up for a few hours and sleep some more. I do have anxieties about sleeping alone at night due to minor phobias and my mother has discussed finding me an emotional support animal. I'm an animal person already and usually when a dog or cat is present, it helps aid me in public environments. I believe if I had a dog with me while I slept, it would make me feel safe and secure. Don't get me wrong, I love my cats! They're just stubborn and have you seen a cat on a leash in public? Yeah, I didn't think so. A horse would be cool if I was casted in a western movie and it was allowed. I'm not picky with who gets my love and attention, I'm guilty of wanting a zoo. Anyways, I just realized that having a companion around wouldn't be so bad, especially since I have detachment and trust issues. I'm not going to lie but animals have helped me with suicidal thoughts. Like, my cat knows when I'm upset and always leaves when there's an argument. When I thought about suicide, my cat would follow me around as if he knew I was having troubling thoughts. Animals know a lot more than what they let on, so consider your superiority out of line!

Animals aren't just helpful companions or furry children, they're literally my medicine. I can't tell you how many times I've rode horses and refused to go home because I was having so much fun! I miss visiting the stables to take riding lessons and my biggest dream is to have a stable of my own! People tend to complicate my life and make me like an outsider. This isn't me being indifferent, but sometimes dissociating does help my mental health. Animals aren't an escape by any means but it's definitely something I need more of in my life. Please give me advice on how I can find an emotional support animal who fits my personality.


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Apr 10, 2020
Balga. Perth
Having animals for depression/anxiety is a good thing. I have a dog of my own, he's very cuddly when he knows something is up & I'm not myself. He'll cheer me up in some way by choosing his toy out of plastic box, doing zoomies outside, jump in paddling pool etc. I have been close to my burning point where I'm just like "fuck everything", he's brought me back several times by making me laugh or feeling loved. Animals are amazing, they can sense things way before we do & as I work with them, its my escape to calm down if things are hectic in my life etc. They have so much love to give & will still love you regardless of what mood you're in. I'm not sure where you'd be able to find one but maybe search up online to see if any places round your area has them available?
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