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advice needed



New member
Feb 2, 2010
dear all
thank you for your time in reading this.

first some background info:
my nephew has been diagnosed with schizophrenia. he has used many illegal (such as cannabis, ecstasy, speed, cocaine) and recently legal (ie meow) drugs since he was 15 or so (he is now 21 years old).

he is very confused. he is also very paranoid. this came to a head last summer when he was on an aeroplane and thought people on the plane were going to kill him. the family ( mum, new partner and sister) had to get off the plane before it took off and retrieve their baggage. since then he moved area to live with his dad and has been under treatment using 10-15mg of Abilify.

at christmas he went to visit his mum for a week and reading between the lines, caned it.

he is presently living with his father (my brother) and he is receiving 20mg of Olanzapine daily ( which he has responded well to in the past). he is now saying that he won't be doing any more street drugs and seems aware that these haven't helped his state of mind. he reads a lot of meaning into lyrics of songs, which confuse him, he senses they are more profound than they are, certainly to me (i am a very liberal, occasional cannabis smoker).

i just wondered if anyone could offer me any advice really. i guess there are no right or wrong things to say but would hate to say the wrong thing to him when he asks me questions. i said i would burn some cd's of music i listen (william orbit, ambient etc), (he likes modern rap and heavy metal) which might calm him more.

i'm sure i have not painted a very clear picture here if further info is needed then please ask. any advice you could offer would be very gratefully received.

my best wishes to everyone on the forum


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Feb 10, 2010
United Kingdom

Basically he's got good support and an uncle who cares enough to get in and help, so compliance is the thing, getting him to stabilise and then progressing to being happier with life.

My nephew has been in terrible trouble due to alcohol addiction, cocaine use and I believe cannibas. He developed mood swings and a temper not matched by many. He tends to focus on me when I'm around and of course I influence him as best I can without telling him what to do. He has a 3 yr driving ban [from under 16], and numerous other offences. He applied to join the RAF and was told due to his record he would have to wait 7 yrs before it is cleared.

He has finally settled down with his moods alot more and he's cut down on the drink quite considerably, and he also seems to like cats...just like me [funny that ;)]. I have recently tried to get him to consider degree studies, as is actually quite intelligent, but for the moment he's happy working and earning.

An uncle or aunts influence can be a wonderful thing sometimes :)

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