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advice needed



New member
Sep 27, 2009
my partner was taken into police custody Friday night he tried to attack me and called the police to take him away as he was afraid of hurting me further.He was diagnosed with depression last monday and started the medication Fluxotine the same day, he had also been drinking the night he called the police.He hadnt opened up to me about his illness until friday,when he revealed hed felt like killing himself,id assummed the police had taken him in for his and my own safety,now they are sending him to court monday morning after keeping him there all weekend,im convinced this is not going to help him in any way,could they section him?he needs help and support not locking up.Is there anything i can do to help him ?


All I can think of is to talk or write a letter to give to his defence council at the court on Monday, explaining that he has mental health problems
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