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Advice needed



New member
Dec 23, 2014

I'm new here and I really hope I can grt some help around here.

Ever since I got sick four months ago, my life has changed completely. It started with diarhhea and high fever, followed by headache, toothache, dizziness, trouble breathing, etc. Some symptoms went away, some remained the same, some new ones appeared... I've been to several doctors, that examined me and all of them concluded that there is nothing life-threatening with me. My latest diagnosis is fungal infection (Candida albicans).

The problem is, that the idea that I'm dying is stuck in my head. I feel very depressed about that. I feel sorry for myself, for my closest people... I haven't really felt happy since then. I still have avery good job, a girlfriend, friends, but I don't care about that...

Every night I wonder if I'm going to wake up the next morning. I feel weak, drained and powerless.

This has happened to me before, but for much shorter amount of time - one month tops. And I've always found strength to move on. But now I feel like I don't have what it takes to beat that depression.

This feeling is not non-stop- there are moments when I'm engaged with some activities that distract me. But adter that I start being a lifeless creature again.

I'm pretty sure I'm imagining most of my symptoms. And I really want to stop this. I hate my miserable life right now, I want my old life back. I wonder if I'm bipolar.

Please, I need some advice from people that went through the same.

Thanks in advance.


Well-known member
Aug 17, 2012
The West Country
Welcome to the forum.
While i'm not a professional, I do think thoughts about death are quite common in depression and anxiety.
I wouldn't write off just how bad depression and anxiety can make you feel physically. Stress can effect the body in many ways, and obviously the more anxious you get, the more these symptoms will appear.
Can you remember how you got over this previously? Was it just a matter of time?
Am wondering if it might be worth looking into some counselling and exploring this issue around death further.
It sounds like maybe what you're describing is more intense that hypochondria?
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