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Advice needed: taking a career break?



New member
Jul 10, 2016
Hello there

I'm hoping someone may be able offer me some advice.

So I have recurrent depressive disorder since my mid teens, and each episode has always been worse than the one before. I had a severe episode at the end of 2015. I attempted to return to work in July. I work in children's intensive care where we work long shifts, and before returning I said I would only be able to work shorter shifts, as the work would have been too draining at that time. They agreed,saying they were just happy to have me back. However, during the last week of my phased return, I went into the staff room for what I thought was a friendly chat, but it was in fact a formal meeting. i won't go into details but it was very traumatic experience and ended with my union being heavily involved and I could have brought a claim against the trust. I went back again in November and this time they have been very supportive (probably scared that I'll still bring a claim). But I am struggling to re engage. And I can sense that the depressive thoughts and feelings are becoming stronger again.

So.. I feel I need to take a step back. I know I need to do this, but I'm worried about what options I have. I was thinking of a career break. When I'm well I love my job and I'm very good at it. But I've been receiving sick pay for a year and that can't continue.

If I took a career break, are there any benefits I could claim? My husband works but doesn't earn enough to pay for everything (mortgage, bills etc).

Are there any benefits for people who aren't able to work because of depression? I have no idea.

Currently we're thinking would it all mean downsizing our home. I really need some help figuring it all out.

Any advice would be very much appreciated