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Advice needed regarding depression



New member
Sep 11, 2009
Hi all,

I usually get bugged by my depression for just a few hours per week, but for the last week and a bit it seems to just not be leaving me alone.

Here is a bit of back ground.

I started to suffer from OCD and Depression about 3 years ago. This was the lowest point of my life and I hated every second of it. I eventually beat the OCD around 8 months back. I had CBT right at the start and this helped alot but I was still very ill afterwards. It just took 2 years of persistance to beat the OCD.

After the OCD, the depression and also an anxiety of being abroad or going off to places like London filled me with dread - but for no apparent reason.

Thesedays - I usually only become anxious when I am first depressed. If I have no depression on a certain day then I dont get anxious. But if I get depressed then everything seems a challange and I worry that it will get worse.

None of this is severe anymore, but it is enough to stop me going on holiday and enough to make me have to stop and think every time I want to go out with friends. My anxiety is that I will have a 'depressive episode' and be away from home and not be able to get back.

I know that this sounds realy weird and I am not sure if I have made too clear what is happening.

What I need advice on is what to do now? My Dr sent me to a psychologist last year, but she was not the right person for me and actually made my situation worse. I feel like I am right at the end of a battle but not sure where to turn to get help with the last little bit.

I forgot to mention that I did have a course of Mindful Based Cognitive Therapy which helped no end with the depression. I think that it really helps in stopping the depression from escalating but I just need help to work on the triggers now.

Any ideas where I should turn to get help?


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Aug 3, 2009

I doesn't sound weird, it sounds like depression and anxiety, maybe, as you mention it, with a little bit of OCD thrown in, for good measure.

I don't know what to suggest really, maybe a another visit to the Doc, and ask to be referred to a different psychiatrist, explain why you didn't get on with the previous one, horses for courses, as they say. It's not uncommon to dislike your shrink, and sometimes, it's not that hard either! You sometimes have to make allowances for them. I've found that they tend to repeat themselves a lot, to make sure poor me understands what they're on about, this works both ways. :D