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Advice - is this indicative of a mental health problem?



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Apr 10, 2010
I am after a bit of guidance as I’m not sure which way to go.
I have a partner of seven years. I think he has some sort of mental problem, but I am not sure. I have listed some of the behaviour/issues here.
He has mood swings, sometimes he’s the person I fell in love with, and at other times he’s a nasty
He lies and does not seem to realise he is doing so – even when the evidence is proves his lies.
He is jealous – after travelling to Liverpool on a train he was upset that I had been eyeing people up (which I had not)
He seems to believe that which is not true, he insists I have a cocaine habit (untrue)
He seems to think the lodger is a drug dealer and that I am sleeping with him (untrue)
He throws the lodger’s food away and his washed clothes out of the window, spreads the lodger’s salt in his milk and that sort of thing - and then denied having done it.
And on another occasion seemed to believe that he was being bugged – and started taking the lights out of wardrobes.
And more….

I suppose the questions are:
is this likely to be borne out of a mental illness issue?
where to go from here?
Who do I contact for advice, and how can I get him to realise he has a problem.

Many thanks


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Jul 23, 2009
south london,england
Well from what you've described it does sound like he is suffering but from what i cant tell you because im not a trained medical adviser and also im not in your situation, but i beleive that he is suffering and in a bad place.

I could hedge a guess and say that it sounds like either biploa with psychosis or its schzophrenia.... but dont take my word on that.

What you can do for him is simply by being there and if he admits that he has a problem then u can seek out medical help.

good luck x