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Advice for stopping restriction?



New member
Dec 13, 2020
I have a consultation comming up on the 22nd and I told myself I would end this cycle well over a month ago for this. It's an important surgery that needs mental health clearance as well as physically. It's 9 days from now and I'm trying to maintain my current weight since it is only just barely underweight and only slightly under the weight I reported to them. I don't want to end up any lower on that day as I'm afraid they may deny me.

I'm trying to raise my daily intake but it's more challenging than I realized. Even if I do pass this consultation I'll need to be well enough in a few months when the surgery date comes arround. What if I fall back into this pattern again after the 22nd? I've been working with a therapist, but any advice or tips on ending restriction would be helpful.

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