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Advice for someone with anxiety



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Jan 11, 2020
Thank you for letting me know sorry if I posted this in the forum.

I have had anxiety since I was raped when I was 18 and it has been 10 years since that attack. Part of me was always a nervous person but I think I made me more intense.

I didn't and wasn't offered any support from the doctor's etc for over seven years.

Two years I started a new job which was fine at first but then I started to get a bullied by much older women for one example she stormed into my room and screamed at me because her forwarded email wasn't turned off (I have no control of that) and I finally went to HR but nothing was done and this women continued with her treatment of me and my seniors just left it happened for a year! Also, people in my current place are saying I won't be able to do this new work as I don't do anything in my current place which isn't too that knocked my confidence.

I found a new job which is great and I know I am moving there next month but I can't shake this feeling off that something bad with happen and I will terrible at my new job as it's new area of law for me. They want someone organised and who has to be great and I feel pretty crap and I feel I can't do this.

I am also nervous as I got to drive on the motorway, my husband is taking me motorway driving tomorrow and my anxiety is getting bigger and bigger. I have just got married and this should be the happiest time of my life but I feel like someone I can't breathe. I have been to the doctors who put me on tablets which made me feel worst so taking these again isn't an option!

I feel I can't talk to anyone and so scared of this new change.


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Dec 17, 2019
London, ON
Yeah, PTSD from something like rape can have long term consequences. And then getting bullied at work will only make it worse.

You really need to talk to somebody about the rape, or at least the issues it's created. Ignoring my own experience for 15 years was a bad idea, now it's so much work to unpack and deal with it.

As a quick solution - when you get stressed, just breath in and out slowly, get your heartbeat to slow down. You'll feel better, your thoughts will calm, and you'll be less upset.

Driving the motorway with your husband is a good plan, btw.
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