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Advice before Cognitive Behavioral Therapy



New member
Dec 18, 2018
Hi there, I have been suffering with anxiety for around 12 years (on and off; now in my late 20s) and I’m currently in a dark place again (e.g constant feeling that my anxiety/stress has taken its toll on my body and I’m going to have a heart attack/stroke/cancer; made worse when I work or even when I exercise. Moreover I have a constant “shortage of breath” and feel that my heart skips a beat ; again made worse when exercising). As I’ve gone through this before (but with no real results as it comes back after a while) I feel I need to make a change and want to do the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (after reading about the benefits online). However, after reading/watching videos about this, they all say to have a medical check before it starts. By doing this, the patient knows that the CBT is about dealing with anxiety and therefore there is not an underlying medical condition. I’m wondering if I could have a full body scan on the NHS, when discussing this with my doctor? (before undertaking the CBT). Many thanks for reading this and I really hope you can help me. Kind regards


Well-known member
Nov 3, 2018
New Jersey

A full body scan doesn't really seem to be the right angle, because the emotions can't be seen on a screen. I would suggest getting a full blood panel and check for different levels of the chemicals which are in your brain, such as dopamine. Those results can help better show a path. As far as cognitive behavioral therapy, i think that doing the research first is the best way to go. I have anxiety a lot of the time, and it gets overwhelming and can put me in a hole tool. What you need to do is go onto youtube and research breathing techniques that help calm the mind, mood, and spirit. When i get attacks, i just stop, close my eyes and take several deep, slow intakes and release of air in the efforts to slow my heart rate. I have also found that there are multiple resources for relaxation music and narrated relaxation music on amazon music or even apple music. A lot of them deal with depression and anxiety. I put them on at night on my ipod under my pillow so it is a softer sound (plus the sounds piss my wife off) and it helps me sleep and offers some form of subliminal help. I suggest those things. I am 56 and have been dealing with this stuff for a long time so i am confident in my suggestions, but whatever you decide, deep breaths will help no matter what. I hope i have helped. Let me know if you need any guidance to help find them.


Active member
Sep 27, 2018
Adelaide, SA
chefbengenie is right. You don’t need body scan emotions are related to mind. CBT helps to change anxious behavior by communicating with your subconscious mind. Deep breathing exercises can help you to stay calm. Don’t worry you will be fine after CBT treatment.