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Advice ??? Any Suggestions ?



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Apr 15, 2008

I was seeing a Psychiatrist once every 6 to 8 weeks for around a year (previously had a CPN) Diagnosis since 96 has been mixed anxiety depression and panic

The Consultant decided I had anxiety and depression that had become ingrained within personality and that I justified support. I eventually requested eventually transfer to the team closest to my home which was agreed and I was then offered an appointment with another Consultants team but would not accept it on the basis that I had previously made a complaint against the Consultants wife who was a fellow Consultant and felt this would make for an uncomfortable arrangement. I asked management to offer a different consultant but they responded by discharging me. The basis explained was that I had requested only "support" and they only provide services to those who have a "complex therapeutic need" He claimed this was Departmenrt of Health policy and later resiled from that and now they say they only deal with cases of "severe" mental illness, a category they will not explain. If its only psychosis then they are slow in specifying it being as this has gone on since February.

I challenged this and eventually, after asking the local MP to help the Trust offered me on 28th May a different Consultant for a review to "assess for the presence of obssessive compulsive disorder and to review your needs generally. Also they said they would "offer transitory support for a period of up to 6 months if it is decided I do NOT qaulify for secondary care.
So far so good. But my complaint about it all was not concluded until 18th August . I was still waiting for the new appointment when I had the outcome letter from my complaint. It stated that my original Consultant had written to my GP in May and copied it to the Trust management, a letter of discharge claiming that during his time of seeing me, he never saw evidence of "formal psychiatric diagnosis" and that all I require was "the chance to talk" I was staggered by this especially as I was waiting for the new appointment .

Firstly, the Consultant knew (as he was copied the letter) that the Trust had themselves discharged me back to my GP on my declining the 2nd consultant. Also he knew from my email to the same effect in April.
Secondly. in December after our final appointment, he had recommended in a letter to me that I consider Rethink and Mind and Alcohol services He said CPN's were unlikely for "conditions of this sort"

How staggered I was then when I read his letter from May suggesting there was no evidence of formal diagnosis, Not only did it contradict his own findings and is own recommendations, but was not based on any improvement or change. His own progress notes did not show such changes. I have a very long history which he sought in order to assist my exclusion from mental health support. Whats more, when he wrote the letter he had not seen me for a total of more than half an hour between the July and November of the previosu year.

Now the original offer of fresh assessment, stated as being for the purposes of assessing for OCD and general assessment and with the gaurantee of 6 months transitional support if I fail the threshold for secondary care, has all changed to estabklishing whether or not any mental disorder exists and if it does, transitional support would be provided if neccesary. I beleive this change is due to my complaint about what he wrote about me. A finding now of formal mental illnes would not look good even though the assessment would be for a period almost a year later or so since he saw me

I cannot understand how a consultant can pretend to discharge someone just for the purposes of deterring management and their GP from helping them, when in fact they (the Consultant) had never previously exprerssed misgivings and his last advice was to consider Rethink and Mind.

The Trust also say that I accept the assessment and do not agree with its findings they will not facilitate a second opinion from any member of staff within the Trust.

I feel threatened by the whole business. It seems me that the management are adjusting the conditions of their offer of fresh assessment to faciliate the possibility of a sham finding by a relatively junior consultant who may endorse the first consultants position. Also the Trust have refused 3 times to provide a meeting to discuss my concerns. The Healthcare Commission have told me that meetings are key to good policy with resolving difficulties and they have hinted failure to agree to meeting usually goes against whichever party (patient or Trust) that refuses to try that

I simply do not know if that is the plan, whether or not a relatively junior colleague can be encouraged or manipulated to back the views of the management and senior clinicians who want to exclude me. Either way, it looks like their master plan for my exclusion is not to argue over categories but just to back the "no formal diagnosis" line.

At my wits end


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Aug 23, 2008
Hello DRAGON, from what I'm understanding of what you have written, they are saying that you are functioning enough not to be under the care of a psychiatrist. In my view that does not exclude you from receiving some form of care.

You can either go back to your GP and ask about other services ( there are counselling services in primary care also) or you could do a self-referral to a Community Mental Health Team. They would do an assessment to see what you currently need.

Failing that, you could see what MIND has to offer, they have resource/drop in centres and might be able to signpost you to other voluntary services.

Take care.