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Adjustment Disorder or Psychosis?



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Jun 13, 2008
My partner suffers from an "Adjustment Disorder" which was diagnosed after I had her admitted into a mental hospital following a serious violent suicide attempt 3 months ago.
I noticed some bizarre behaviour after she came home from the district hospital which she was and still is in denial about. This necessitated me getting her almost sectioned-she agreed to be admitted at the last minute and then discharged herself after 8 days.
Her discharge papers indicate "no apparent signs of psychosis" but I am not so sure.
She has been getting into bother in the local community-she has been observed "praying" in the street[she is a pagan-pagans do not pray] and this has caused her to be abused by local youths. She is becoming increasingly isolated and it is a small country town of 3,000 people.
Our child is on the Child Database for "neglect" as she was left locked in a room when my partner tried to commit suicide and there have been concerns about our 13 month old baby`s development, especially her gross motor skills.
So we have had constant visits from CPNs, Social Workers and the Health Visitor.
A couple of weeks ago she was arrested for allegedly thraetening a 12 year old boy with a knife who she told off. The case was dismissed when they checked the CCTV footage and saw that there was no knife.
This and verbal abuse from local youths has clearly upset her.
We moved into a new house the other week and I have noticed that she has started to talk to herself constantly whenever she thinks I am out of earshot and some of the "dialogue" is disturbing. I have heard her make strange noises and she now weeps constantly but hides this from me.
She has talked about "entities" attacking her on the spirit plane.
She has not seen a CPN for over a month but one is coming out next Wednesday. The Health Visitor brought her along after the latest episode in the community.
Are these symptoms of talking to oneself-she appears to be talking to some external "entity" symptomatic of Adjustment Disorder or something more serious?
Should I tell the CPN what I have seen and heard-knowing that this may further damage our relationship?
Her bizarre behaviour only started just before her suicide attempt.
I have observed changes in her personality-she is more confrontational and her world views have dramatically changed. I scarcely recognise her.
She goes out of her way to avoid me and we have very little meaningful interaction.


Firstly you can't diagnose someone yourself. If you're that worried you should be calling the crisis team. Even if it causes temporary alienation her health is at risk here and the MH team need to know everything that's been going on. Ring the crisis team and ask for help and take it from there.

Sorry I should have added that this is a personal opinion of course.
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Aug 12, 2008
You absolutely need to tell the CPN about your partners behavior. If you feel more comfortable you can talk to her General Practitioner about this and ask for a referral to get some mental health services. The logic behind your partner being diagnosed with Adjustment Disorder is because some incident or significant event that has happened within the last three months is said to be the reason for her behavior. She can't get diagnosed with Psychosis or any other mental disorder until the symptoms are present for at least 6 months, they can't be explained by any medical condition, and they must cause significant disturbances in areas of function like occupational, social, etc. If you are really concerned for her and your relationship it is in the best interest of you both to get some professional help from a licensed mental health practitioner. Things will only continue to get worse and you are puting your child at risk. I hope this advice has convinced you to do something about your partner. She can get help and things will get better. I was wondering if you had health insurance because alot of times your plan will cover expenses related to mental illness.

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