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Adjustment Disorder, ESA and driving



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Jan 26, 2008
North Lincolnshire
I've been on ESA (contributions based) for a few years now. Last year I saw a psychiatrist and he said he didnt think I had Borderline Personality Disorder at all, he thought I had Adjustment Disorder and sent me a letter saying so.

I had a Work Assessment a couple of months ago and showed her the letter. Later she asked me if I drove, I said yes, on days when I feel safe, if I can concentrate OK. She was really sweet and said "I'm going to ignore that, people with Adjustment Disorder are not supposed to be able to safely drive a car" and she ignored it.

Now I dont know what to do. Try and see the psychiatrist again and ask him if he might have made a mistake (I've driven for years and have a clean licence, but dont drive on days I feel dodgy) i suppose. Has anyone heard of this before?

It seems ridiculous to me.

I dont know much about Adjustment Disorder or why it would make driving impossible. Its enough to drive you mad all these diagnoses and assessments isnt it? I lived with the diagnosis of BPD for thirty years and it seems that was incorrect. I purposefully did not have children because of that diagnosis. I'm past the menopause now. It does make me angry.