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captain anxious

New member
Jul 22, 2017
I just wanted to check in after using the forums on this site!! I used the site previously when I was desperate for help and since then I have been diagnosed with adult adhd!! Although it’s still a massive learning curve the fact I know what’s wrong with me is such a relief. I count my self as lucky that I’ve finally got to the bottom of what’s been going wrong all my life. I suppose I’m writing this on mental health awareness day so that others might read it and realise that as bleak as it might seem one day you may get an answer to your current problems,also to thank all the supportive people who reply to people who are reaching out for help. Stay safe and good luck


Well-known member
Sep 23, 2018
Georgia, USA
Hi there. I'm glad that you got some answers, and welcome back to the forum! :)