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addicted to bulimia



I know the dangers of bulimia and that it will lead to death in the long run but this just doesn't seem to be enough to stop me.
I have been bulimic for a year now and it controls every waking minuit of my life, I am always thinking and craving food. I purge whenever I eat, I exercise whenever I can and abuse laxatives far to often.
this is very secret and nobody knows, god knows if I thought that it would help or they would be excepting and understand I would tell them but I just cant.
I hate this, I hate being so addicted to this condition but I love it and the affects it has, I just dont know what to do it is just one big vicious circle!!


Bulimia (bulimia nervosa) is an addictive eating disorder which begins with physical cravings then evolves into a mental obsession and finally turns into a spiritual illness. It usually comes from an unresolved trauma (emotional, psychological or even physical) earlier in life. You can fight it, you just have to know in your heart that it will take time. But the great thing is that as soon as you try, you can see a valley overhead, one that rises with hope and sets with happiness. Your journey is to get their. Don't be afraid to take an outstretched hand of a loved one, for it just makes each step a little easier.

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