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New member
Sep 25, 2012
I have recently been terminated from a job, I believe due to judgment and discrimination from a boss. This is the third time in 8 years that a boss challenged me, as I collaborate, have a gentle demeanor. When I experience disrespect or impatience because I do not assimilate material quickly, or I assert my oplnion strongly to advocate...it has cost me. I have worked for 25 years...struggle with anxiety and depression. I am becoming more discouraged and fearful that hard as i try, my shortcomings overshadow the srengths. I keep trying, try not to let others defne me....still, i feel discouraged


I didn't understand the title of your thread - Attention Deficit Disorder??
I'm not surprised you feel discouraged. If you want to ruffle someone's feathers by speaking up or voice feelings of disrespect or impatience you need to on firm ground, and prepared to either fight your corner or be thick skinned. My hubby always says "if you don't want to be bitten, don't poke the tiger".... hard not to at times though.
When you feel anxious and depressed I think you come over as vulnerable. People pick up on this and work out that you are a weak target. They don't think twice about biting back because you present as "no opposition". It's a self esteem thing again really isn't it?
I do exactly the same. The feelings bubble up, I express them and I get a "wallop" in return. I take it on as another hurtful experience which contributes to my feelings of inadequacy and discouragement. Bit of a vicious circle that needs to be broken somehow.
I don't have any answers but I can relate entirely.