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Acute Paranoid Episode, has it changed me forever?



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Jun 27, 2018
Hello guys,

Feeling pretty strange writing this post but I have reached a point where I just need some advice and perhaps some reassurance from a community who I can trust with my issue.. I will give you some background..

Basically, I smoked weed a lot from a young age but stopped when I was 22, maybe having an occasional puff but never taking it to the extent I used to.

However, last year, around this time. I was at a party and we were all having an amazing time, loads of laughs and joking around. Just general merriment. Was great. Was so good I decided “why the hell not?” To a couple draws of a joint.. to say it went drastically wrong after that would be an understatement.

I became so paranoid straight after, if that’s what it was.. basically everything that came into my head it was as if the people I was with were responding to that. The energy in the room seemed to deplete and my thoughts were racing.. literally everything that came into my head, someone responded to.. it was so bizarre and it literally made me feel like everyone can read minds and it was this huge secret from me.

My friends boyfriends responses to my thoughts were harsh and cruel and I felt like my friend was defending me with her responses. It was so so real. It’s totally thrown me and ever since I’ve kind of spiralled into having some symptoms of this acute paranoia even sober minded. Leading to severe social anxiety and terrible intrusive thoughts.

I’ve recently been able to rationalise with myself, that I know it feels real but the mind can make it seem real, I’ve abused ketamine a lot in the past and understand the places a brain can go. I just still can’t shake the feeling of how real it all felt. It was truely terrifying.

I’m just looking for some other peoples insights. I feel pretty alone. I’ve recently gotten lucky however and landed an amazing boyfriend but I can’t fully enjoy my time with him Some days because of this. My relationships with old friends have dwindled due to my fears and making new friends has been totally impossible.

Would medication help with this? Is there other routes I can take?

Thanks guys, looking forward to some communication on this.
Poopy Doll

Poopy Doll

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Jun 13, 2015
Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA
Sorry you had this experience. I'm inclined to say have some wheat grass juice for a week to clear your brain.

I doubt the effects will last forever. We always think the worst.


Aug 29, 2018
I've felt like that in the past. Bit weird and yes it can leave an unsettled feeling of paranoia.

Answer? Stay off drugs!

That kind of mind reading stuff is very common in psychosis. I still wonder wether people can or not. It doesn't really matter. Just don't put yourself in vulnerable sittuations again.
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