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Acute and transient psychosis



Dec 17, 2010
Hi all. I experienced an acute episode of psychosis in 2008. I experienced auditory, visual, and (which is very rare) touching hallucinations all at the same time. I actually remember the episode like it was reality.

I've been on olanzapine (which I hated) and am currently on abilify which is great for me. I am still with the community nurse psychiatric team, as I had a relapse just before christmas. (Had been off the medication for a year when I shouldn't of and had interviews the stress triggered an episode).

If theres anyone out there who needs information or support for anyone they know experiencing psychosis let me know.



Well-known member
Dec 15, 2008
Hi Mike I also take aripiprazole (abilify) and its been good for me too - I am on 40mg. I suffer psychosis too and still hear voices when I am stressed out. Its been better for me than respiridone. I hope you are enjoying the forum anyway and welcome



My soooooon suffers from psychosis which they have given to the old name which I won't mention! He is on olanzapine and kemedrine(Think they call tha propanalol as well) and he is fine except that he gets very tired at times, and couldn't sustaina proper job. I don't think he has ever had voices, although he sometimes talks to himself so perhaps he is talking to voices. He likes quiet, is able to drive, has the patience of job with his lady friend who is obsessive. He paints modernistic pictures, but won't as yet put them on this web. He is highly intelligent, and we often have good discussions about things. He loves gardening and is gradually regaining his ability to read books as his concentration is improving. I think he can express his psychosis in his paintings..
They all seem to follow a theme. He had a day out with his nephew yesterday who is over fro France. They get on well. He too is artistic and makes artistic frames for mirrors.


i experienced mine last year.... i had auditory, visual and touching . i felt like people were tapping me on the back or stroking my face .
i can't remember exacly what it was like, it feels like ages ago, but from all the meds and treatment, my head feels boring (i know that sounds weird)
for some reason i want to experience the things i did.
should i stop taking meds to feel myself again? i got used to psychosis .