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Feb 18, 2018
i have to let you know that after 20 years of so called therepy? i have drawn some conclusions about mental health - especially schizophrenia. first, do you and your mental health a favour and fucking snitch on the people who persecute you! two, if your mental health nurses and doctors don't understand or support your efforts to get well again after you've been targeted for an attack, then TELL THEM WHERE TO GO! thirdly, if you have mental health you've certainly been targeted and attacked before - some of us have even been raped [nonce!]. First get even and publish what you have to say to these people. online so the whole world can see it!

i'm seriously considering teaching some members of my community a lesson, ellesmere port - cause the whole town keeps being an absolute beast to me and my family. you know who you are and so do i. so come fucking get whats coming to you, it's your life or my life fucking smackhead scum.

furthermore, i have to say it - your staff are less than helpful, often you're absolutely full of shit and you are protecting abusers from justice. i want something legal done about mental health in the UK. not benefit increases or pandering to people's ideas of how things should be. fuck abusers right over in future. don't sit there feeling sorry for yourself, grass! and show them your 'voices' who's boss!
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