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About to have my contract terminated. What do I do?



Oct 27, 2018
West Yorkshire
So after suffering a nervous breakdown at the beginning of November, I have been off work ever since on statutory sick pay only. I have been repeatedly contacted by work trying to get me to go back to work but I am in no fit state to.
At one point I was being contacted every day until I complained and put a stop to it. Long story short they have had a report from my Dr - which I saw and gave feedback on, exercising my rights etc - then last Friday I was summoned to an informal meeting with my boss at work despite my requesting and them agreeing that any meetings would be in a neutral place as my workplace triggers huge anxiety for me. (I usually just sob through these meetings. They are torture for me.)

Anyway we have reached an impasse. I am not well enough to go back to work (and to be honest it would be the death of me if I did) so for the first time terminating my contract was mentioned as an option.

So.....help? What do I do now? Will I be entitled to benefits? How will I ever get another job having been fired for capability due to having a nervous breakdown? Looking for some solid advice on what to do once the inevitable happens. I don't want to pursue unfair dismissal; I'm not strong enough to cope with all that. But I do need to see if I can be protected under the Equality 2010 act as I just don't know how long it will be until I can work again - if I can ever find a job again!

The strange this is, part of me wants this to happen just so I am released from the stress of them trying to get me to go back. It has caused so much upset and really has held my recovery back. But then at the same time I'm so scared about the future. Has anyone else been through a similar situation? Any advice on what to do next would be most gratefully received. Thank you x


Well-known member
Dec 26, 2015
Hello ELO73 really sorry that you are being harassed by your works. I just wonder if they are allowed to do that.

Anyway best get the doc to sign you off sick first. That’s a shame that you cant pursue the unfair dismissal but that is understandable. Can you get some advice from the CAB. To see what your options are. And to see if your work is breaking any rules by hassleing you.

I might be inclined, with help maybe off the CAB to have a letter stating why you are terminating and the bully tactics of the phoning. That way its on record and then you can have a bit of space to think things through with help. You can post the letter and most importantly keep a copy. Just a thought