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Abolish the Schizophrenia Label!



I have posted the Link to this information in other places; but think it would be better in a thread of it's own as well.


Abolish the Schizophrenia Label!

Please consider signing this petition: CASL: Campaign to Abolish the Schizophrenia Label.

"It is no longer morally or scientifically acceptable to ruin the lives of millions on the basis of a falsehood that has its origins in the 19th century."

CASL is calling for the label of schizophrenia to be abolished on the grounds that it is outdated, unscientific, stigmatising and presents a barrier to effective and appropriate support to individuals diagnosed with the label. Furthermore, it does not address the root causes of serious mental health problems.

Replacing schizophrenia with more meaningful, humane terminology will offer a more realistic possibility of recovery to those across the world who experience mental distress.


Join the revolution! With the right support, it is possible that the diagnosis of schizophrenia will be changed by 2011 when the new diagnostic manuals are published...


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Jan 12, 2008
West Midlands
Signed it yesterday - hope that heps. I counted 11 doctors had signed that is encouraging :)


Jan 21, 2009
UK, Liverpool
Whatever new label they give it - it's the press who need to change the way
they report crime.
Too often they will report a murder conviction by starting with "A paranoid schizophrenic
was today convicted of....."

It's that that creates the stigma, and the circle will just start all over again
if they dont change.


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Aug 12, 2008
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Re the abolition of the term schizophrenia it needs to be remembered that it is not the word that elicits stigmatising behaviour but other people's reactions to the set of symptoms that are currently defined as 'schizophrenia'.
Ie using an alternative term to describe the symptoms currently defined as schizophrenia will merely mean that prejudice is shown to those with the newly defined disorder in very much the same way as it is now.

What is much more important is reducing prejudice towards people with schizophrenia ,forming definitive and mutually acceptable criteria for recovery and ensuring that as many as possible attain recovery whether it be by drug therapy/alternative or complimentary therapy/ psychoanalysis /psychotherapy or any combinations thereof.

At present without a mutually acceptable definition of recovery i believe that caution needs to be exercised over claims in either direction as to the degree of recovery possible for people with schizophrenia by varying therapeutic approaches.
Rambuie Perspecador

Rambuie Perspecador

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Dec 21, 2007
I will not be signing this Petition because I do not equate mitigating the misery of millions, from whatever causation, with the removal of some German syntax. It is clearly Hysterically Irrational to do so.

It is also Hysterically Irrational to remove postings on this site because they do not say what you want them to say, and they do not kow-tow to some abstract status quo that props up such Hysterical Irrationality. Apotheosis knows Exactly to what I refer.

It has been said elsewhere that Stigma, discrimination, the misery of mental ill-health, plus its positive attributes, will be with all of us, whether or not schizophrenia is refered to as schizophrenia, or slopbucketyabootoldyousoitis.

The notable absence of any coherent alternatives to the set of terminology that Psychiatry inherits - not us - leads me to the conclusion stated elsewhere, that CASL is full vacuous, unremitting drivel on a subject it purports to have Expertise. It is my view that giving a Platform to people who propagate such gob-smacking stupidity - to obstruct the compassionate treatment of people in acute distress, in the biggest crises of their lives - ? - is as criminally negligent as appeasing such psychopathically deranged personages as stalked the stages of Political power in Nazi Germany. Draw your own conclusions.

I Dare you to remove this Posting!:p
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It is also Hysterically Irrational to remove postings on this site because they do not say what you want them to say, and they do not kow-tow to some abstract status quo that props up such Hysterical Irrationality. Apotheosis knows Exactly to what I refer.
I do yes - your open flaming & personal abuse of other members; which will not be tolerated on this site. Of which this post is bordering on; & more strict moderators would delete; & on more strict sites you would be banned; on this basis.

Your personal opinions are welcomed rambuie - but some civility would be preferable.


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Jul 31, 2008
Worcestershire, Great Britain
Signed it yesterday - hope that heps. I counted 11 doctors had signed that is encouraging :)
I signed it as well. Eleven doctors sounds very encouraging. I can see this petition swelling with signatures, but as to whether it will be acted upon is up to Parliament.
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