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Abilify for depression?



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Jul 15, 2009
Hi folks, I've not been on here for a while but thought I'd ask about my latest meds. I'm already on 45mg of mirtazapine and 300mg of lamotrigine, and they've recently added 5mg of Abilify. It made me very sick & nauseous at first but that's worn off. I wake up much earlier now and can get more done but it does make the days very long! So far though it's not doing much to lift the depression, still very tearful etc. and it's been 4 weeks now.

I just wondered if anyone else had been given this med for depression (without any mania or psychosis) and how they've found it.


May 25, 2010
I have used Abilify for depression. They actually started me at 2mg to start. It was some time ago since I was on it, can't really remember.

But long story short, it did help immensely with the motivation issue of depression. I remember one weekend, I was bored. But not that blah kinda bored where you've got nothing to do. I got a feeling that I should do something, so.. I'll do homework!! Which was on a Saturday, I always did my homework at the last minute, on Sunday.. And I also finished my homework too, and it was chemistry, something I had problems with in the beginning:tea: understanding. But I just... did it, and kinda got that attitude of, "If it's wrong, it's wrong and I'll try to fix it. If it's pretty well done, then that will be awesome!"

But sadly, my body had an allergic reaction to it, when they upped my dose to 10mg, since I told them it was working great. I was to gradually dose up to 10mg, by taking 2mg tablets once a day, then 2, 2mg tablets twice a day, etc etc.


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Jul 23, 2009
south london,england
This drug is great, it stopped me hearing voices, smelling things etc, it has tried to staberlise my moods from going too high, im now on an anti depressants to help me with my moods. At first i was realy ill on it but i eat before taking the medication and that all stopped.
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