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Abilify and Cannabis - Cannot get high off weed any longer



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Dec 20, 2016
I have been taking Abilify 400mg every 3 weeks for about 6 months now. which is roughly equivalent to 20 mg per day. Three to four months into the treatment I noticed that weed no longer gives me euphoria. Marijuanna has always been pleasurable for me, but Abilify completely kills my "high".

I have done some research on Abilify and neuroleptics in general. Abilify is a dopamine partial agonist, so it is a dopamine receptor blocker, but partially activates these receptors at the same time. Functionally, Abilify is a partial blocker.

The intrinsic activity is the extent to which a ligand (ex. Abilify) activates dopamine receptors, and is expressed as a percentage. Dopamine's effect on dopamine receptors is by definition 100%. The intrinsic activity of Abilify is anywhere from 15 % - 60% depending on the receptor subpopulation in question (d2 long vs. d2 short). On postsynaptic receptors Abilify has low intrinsic activity, whereas on autoreceptors the intrinsic activity is high.

My Questions are:

How long after quitting Abilify will my ability to experience pleasure from Cannabis be restored to normal?

Has anyone else experienced the same? Please write about your experience.
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Sep 15, 2018
Aalestrup --Dk
Abilify Nearly destroyed my life, I became more aggressive, on it - -

Abilify Made a bit Tired, I Guess that's the " Blocking " - Stuff x xx

I Got Hypersexuality side-effects, On 45 Mg, but it went away, With the pills . . .

To be Blunt, I Think it should take 2 - 6 days, if it's Pill-form, Injections Last longer, it might take 14 days, beyond last Effective dosage x xx


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