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A very productive day :)



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Aug 8, 2008
This weekend has got off to a great start. I have been home alone since thursday lunchtime and will be alone until tuesday lunchtime. However instead of crawling into bed, feeling low, self harming etc, I have made some real progress.

I used yesterday afternoon to look up places to visit and today I spent a lovely few hours wandering around Anglesey Abbey Gardens. I saw wandering, but due to current mobility problems i hired a mobility scooter - it was lots of fun..lol

They have their own mill there which got me thinking about baking bread - it can't be that hard, can it? So Tesco on the way back and the rest of the afternoon has been spent making dough.

Fingers crossed it will turn out to at least resemble bread..lol

So what should I do tomorrow? There is a craft fair at Woburn Abbey in Bedforshire....or I could go to Woburn Safari Park.

Any other ideas??


What fun and I haven't made bread for ages. I like little boat trips when I get the chance.


wow! feel free! i'm really jealous for your freedom! oh well, a'm glad that you found something that made you busy! keep up!

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