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Very interesting, but I say we're not crazy at all; we're just human and all is part of the human experience.

Shirley sounds very stubborn and so do you Solace and so I imagine you clash at times.
I myself am stubborn as I think we all are.

These inner battles take place within us all and sometimes we are much too hard on ourselves and expect too much from ourselves.
And then there are the times when others are too hard on us while our own inner voices are also being not so nice.
This is the time when I say; time out everyone and reclude to that special place where you can think or not think.

You're very young Solace and I remember thinking much like you and constantly questioning life and the purpose of it all.
There isn't always just one answer when looking for purpose to our lives.
Purpose is a compilation of all that we do and even what we don't do.
Don't be so hard on yourself and never compare yourself to anyone else for you alone are unique.

You're very talented and I admire your accomplishments for one being so young.

Stay Well,


the blog talks about many issues other people would put under the category of 'crazies deal with that' and ignore it. Hence the name "they say that we are crazy"

The point of the blog is to bring these issues up and look at them.

A lot of the time I find I can blow things off and say "I'm crazy, remember?" turn it into a joke, and people don't push for an answer of who i was talking to. lol. I don't mean it in any derogatory fashion when I mention it.

I hope to show that the issues society calls 'crazy stuff' is actually normal. it's a big part of the human condition.

And thank you. Sometimes it's just so hard to go through each day when you're bored with everything and you feel like you're needed somewhere, but can't get there.