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If you have started to hear voices, or feel that your world has stepped into a bit of unreality, you must realize the serious fact that you are facing a breach of your Aural Space. The first advice that is to be offered is that you must not panic, nor must you consider your voice hearing out of the ordinary. You must face what you
are feeling, seeing and hearing with a bit of pragmatism, a lot of straightforward sense, and a lot of Fight. And this means you are in a bit of a battle right now. Do not be afraid, no matter what you may go through. I will explain to you the truths As I know them, and I want you to make sure that first and foremost, you protect

Health: And that means protecting your body by good health. When you are attacked by evil/negative entities. It can be a heart wrenching, painful physical & psychological battle. You must battle first and foremost to protect your Health and your psychology, and that just takes a bit of understanding exactly what I’m going to tell you.

Force yourself to sleep, no matter what you may go through. Do not stay up all night worrying. You’re not going to get hurt. No one’s going anywhere. No one’s going to hurt you. If you hurt too much, your body becomes psychologically and spiritually exhausted, and you must guard against this inviolately. As soon as you start hearing voices, have your Family Doctor prescribe you sleeping medications in preparation for battle. Trazedone and Ambien work well. Also, keep a stock of Nyquil on hand, and I mean it. Make sure you take your pills just before you go to sleep, and DO NOT allow them (evil) to keep you up once you’ve taken them. There is no messing about with this, no compromise. If they try to keep you up once you’ve taken your pill, take a capful of Nyquil and it will assist to get you to sleep.

Try to reduce stress as much as possible, and try not to worry too much. Care for yourself by taking your time about things, with intent. Do not rush. Don’t do too much. Be adamant about your schedule being reasonable, within yourself. Evil has no choice. You must protect yourself this way. (See last page)

Hallucinogenic Experiences: You must face your hallucinogenic experiences with good sense. No one else can hear what you are hearing, this is the truth. But you must face them knowing that your own sensibilities, your own good sense, the mind you’ve always had is as in perfect order as it was before you started hearing voices. The voices’ job is to make you think that you’re not well, and that is certainly not the case. Here is a tip for you about facing evil or negative entities: it is when you start to believe it that it becomes real. There is a bit of “giving up” or permissiveness in it, meaning that you must never give up your right to your own good sense and sanity. You are well. You’re just hearing voices. No, not everyone hears voices, but did you know that thousands of people start hearing voices all over the world every year? Know that you’re not alone, and that the way you are going to battle will make all the difference. Force your way through the unreality of the Hallucinogenic experience and ground yourself in reality. Knowing that the voices are voices and that you are not alone in this world as someone who hears them should put you back in reality where you should be. It’s not the end of the world, they’re voices. You’re going to walk through the experience as quickly as possible and get right back to doing what you’ve always done, and then some.
Do not Panic, No Matter What: You may see and hear many things. Don’t panic. Always face what you’re seeing and hearing quietly and evaluate. Then make a choice and defend. And you must always make the choice to defend yourself. Like the Archangel St. Michael, you must be aware that you are battling, and that in order to do so you must being control of your faculties. Don’t let them, the voices, scare you or phase you. They like to scare you to gain control, and that is all it is. React to them as if they were your front door and you’ve seen it a hundred times. Do not be afraid. Tell them where to go, and that’s down. They need to Get Lost.

Physical Symptoms: If you are going through physical symptoms, remember to care for your body inviolately, and do not worry. Believe me, nothing’s wrong, and that what you must think. It is when you worry that it becomes something else, and that’s called hyperventilation, it’s called stress, it’s called a heightened bodily reaction, and you can avoid these by staying strong and knowing yourself. Do not let yourself wear down or get ill. You must try to stay as healthy as possible during this time period until the Hallucinogenic Episodes stop. And they will stop. Either they will stop suddenly, or a Higher Presence will descend and put a stop to them. And this is the truth.

Fighting a Demon or Entity: Sometimes you will be fighting a Demon or Entity, and you must tell it, in no uncertain terms, to Get Lost. It has no hold on you and must be sent back to where it came from, and you must do so by facing it and telling it “I KNOW WHAT YOU ARE AND I DON’T WANT YOU. I DON’T LOVE YOU. GET LOST.” You are never to let it near you, you are never to talk to it. You tell it to go away, without fail.

If you have physical symptoms that go beyond what I have described, then call 209-556-9732 or write [email protected], where I can be reached. I can help you through what you are going through. If you are going through Hallucinogenic Episodic Interludes and feel alone, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I will help and I will be here for you. It is a painful experience, and traumatic, but you will get through it. Know it...Rebecca Tacosa Gray, California


Well, I give Rebecca alot of credit.
She's true to her word; she does indeed answer her phone and is more than willing to offer assistance and give guidance and encouragement.
Good news....


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Nov 30, 2008

Gosh, I can't believe that you are doing copyrights and paying for ISBN for this stuff. The market is very small, hardly enough to justify the expense.

I must say that I agree with you on fighting back, on setting borders and boundaries with these freaks (perdition). It's hard for victims to fight back at all, being that their minds and tongues are captive, impaired, bound, dictated, superceded, neutralized, blotted-out due to the co-conscious impairment. Any fight (defensive measures) are dictated by them, and are therefore just a joke, sadistic, twisted, prank, game, total bullshit, sportage, entertainment tonight... It's folly: They have nothing better to do. Obsessed and consumed with our lives.

Well, the spirit of truth would lead us unto all truths, but the truth is that we have stumbled unto all truths. You know it. Think about that one. The truth is not in them. No, not one of them. Co-consciousness cannot be justified at all, period...

What goes around comes around, 7X? Hey, watch what you wish for (snuffage, atrophy)...

It's just a message for the stoke,



Gosh, I can't believe that you are doing copyrights and paying for ISBN for this stuff. The market is very small, hardly enough to justify the expense.

Hey all,

Must say i was lying in the bath with bubbles up to my neck and relaxing after my head was treated not unlike a football last night, and hoping that the swelling would reduce when i closed my mind down and saw writing and what did it say now:

No ISBN payment and that's not for you now Rebecca. Also I saw many many many evil spirits coming down through my mind eye, and some were totally barking, some were totally bafta, some were incredibly evil, and some weere totally terrified. And you really need to know something, and I do not mean no condescending not for nothing, but how the hell you going to find out the difference for they are all out and all up there.

You have said it yourself many many people over the years become voice hearers and you say do ignore the voic e and then tell the voice to get lost and they you say to ignore it. And now I go snore. Heck, Rebecca, how are you?

Lets hear more of this for this sort of condensation should not go un noticed and what a story I have made up about no one and absolutely nothing and what you do is ride off our backs now and go and preach the gospel according to what an idiotic treatment of a voice hearer. Namely, me and my opinion.

Do not involve no one else for heck for sure the Puppet Masters are out in forth of july somehow I need to get you all to understand that those full grown people who chuff off on a teddy bear and or a plastic willy need to go ditch.

You had any experiences of anal rape Rebecca? Do excuse me for asking, but well all hath to be known for we are fighting the war on the grand scale over seas for your safe passage over our blanket.

Don't be afraid, for we do not know who we are for true now do we? Oh Gosh, sorry, do not mean to disturb you, I forgot it. Your face over the internet and what a large to charge it. Do you know they use electrodes as well? Do you know they insert those needles up the front of men's not half not plastic penises, do not mean to frighten, though do you know that they go up the back passage and go swirl around in there? Do you know that they hit the vagina as though you are having sexual intercourse, so no do no go there, not unless you want one in you? Do you know that to tell those who are not evil who have been taken over by evil do actually get down into a downward spiral and do actually end up at rock bottom through those rather unfortunate words?* Do you have any idea of what you are finding out now? Don't forget to go through no Church for you would be introducing evil spirits through their doors. Do not forget, no prayers. Do not go over to any other country whatsoever and or other place where you consider more safe. Do not take any notice of ups not for ever and do not go back there.

Do you not know we are fighting the holy wars of the heavens here on earth. And now I have an evil spirit and what I do say, for he is reading every word I am typing is, You are Welcome. Do come join us and our heavens for we are not true Swedenborgs not for nothing, and heck he had the good bits and now I see a blue moon made from not a touch of crystal and you have experience of all things from the sane, and go back through your heritage for it is most obvious that you are from what's for the red indian, so that's for sure over the blankets, and so you must not be afraid, so do join in, and give us your considered by you to be your expert opinion.

There now, that should suit ups Paul for I do not want to destroy my place over the Intervoice not now on purpose for no other reason that I do not want a few days off any longer.

Ta tas


*Get Lost sic