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A Review of the DSM-5 Draft



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Dec 19, 2007
A Review of the DSM-5 Draft
By John M Grohol PsyD

The new DSM-5 draft is out (and it appears the APA is finally dropping the silly roman numeral designations). Analysis is starting to pour in from around the country about the ramifications of the new diagnoses and proposed changes.

To start with, however, I want to congratulate the American Psychiatric Association for reaching this milestone and embracing the ability for the public to comment on the proposed changes. We first called for such an option back in December of last year and it appears somebody at the APA was listening. Kudos for being willing to take the barrage of criticism that is coming your way, APA. However, we wish it was an open commentary model, where the comments appears online for all to read (it appears to be a closed model, where your comments disappear into cyberspace with the hope that someone is actually reading them).

Some may criticize the draft for reasons relating to how “popular” a proposed diagnosis may become. I find such logic shaky at best. You can’t suggest diagnoses not be included on the reasoning that too many people may be diagnosed with them if they make it into the final revision of the DSM-5. Also, I’m not a big fan of folks who try to predict the future. We’re supposed to be professionals here, not fortune tellers...



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