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A Remote Working Decision...


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Mar 31, 2021
I have been lucky to be able to work remotely since the beginning of the pandemic. At the time remote working was adapted by my employer, I was beginning to look for other roles. I love remote working, it is much easier for me, as I am very socially anxious. However, I still want a change to a new job and it is much more difficult to find a 100% remote role that suits my skills and experience.

Recently I interviewed for a role, which was not originally advertised as remote. In my application stated that I would like to continue to work remotely if they would consider that. I am still unclear if they are open to me working remotely. I have asked, but they are not giving me a direct answer. I may or may not be offered the role, but right now, I am thinking that I will remain in my current role until I can get something that is definitely remote. I do not want to go back to an office.

I have been looking for something new for so long, that I sometimes think I am crazy to be considering turning down a potential offer. Also, I know so many people have lost jobs in the pandemic, who would love to have the choice that I may have to make. Am allowing my social anxiety to prevent me from starting something new? On the other hand, they are not being 100% transparent with me about the possibility of remote work. Any thoughts appreciated. Thanks
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