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a question from a mum



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Jul 28, 2009
hello everyone i hope you are all ok,
my DD recently diagnosed with type 1 and just on olanzapine, then prozac and carbamazapine added, my question to you is one from your experiences.. me and her dad would like her and son to come home we will buy a bigger house, so we all have space, just to give her support whilst ajusting. I hated living withher as a teenager and was happy when she left tho we are close, i didnt know what was wrong with her, i just knew something was wrong. she wants to move back in and we have a close bond and i am supportive and understanding now i am more informed, she is 21 on saturday so still young, i supose what i want to ask is would i be better to suport from a distance, so she can learn to cope on her own, or would coming home really help her, we have said it would be short term for a couple of years whilst she learns who she is , med controll etc.... any thorghts jane xxx


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Dec 19, 2007
It's said that a supportive family plays a statistically significant role in recovery rated as successful. I have experienced such a supportive family since my diagnosis and made a significant recovery; married, kids, work, BSc, MSc. To be honest it has had more to do with them finding an explanation for the problems 'Oh it wasn't precious, it wasn't us, it was THE ILLNESS' added to me being bored of hospital that probably lead to some semblance of recovery and/or normality. I'm actually quite bored of the family support 'Actually it wasn't the illness, I was a little t**t and you lot live in some kind of virtual self deluded reality'.

Of course your family and mine could be completely different, but I think that dysfunctional family is often a bad habit we find difficult to break...

...you did ask.


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Aug 8, 2008
If you are willing to have her I think it would be fantastic. She may find the meds hard going at first and your support for her and her son will be such an asset.

In my experience the kids understand more than you think and it affects them, but having you there too will help them feel they have a stable and loving home.

Eventually she may want to move on, but its likely that she will feel much better and able to cope then, thanks to you.

I would advise making some kind of agreement with her so she still has to do things like housework etc, don't want her getting out of the habit afterall!!


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Jul 28, 2009
thanks to you both, i think a balance between both of your answers would be ideal , keep well jane xx
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