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A Publishing service in the armoury of the Anti-stigma Campaign

Rambuie Perspecador

Rambuie Perspecador

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Dec 21, 2007
A Publishing service in the armoury of the Anti-stigma Campaign

I operate BIPED on a voluntary basis. It is a Publishing service for people with mental health needs, working specifically with motivating people to be Positive with their creativity, by improving opportunities and widening scope for furtherance through quality presentation of their Creative writing and Artwork, which is then made available for dissemination. This instils a sense of achievement and improves self-esteem as they explore the possibilities of their chosen medium and develop their aptitudes and skills towards greater achievements.

In encouraging the pursuit of their artistry there is an ulterior objective - that of dislodging the negative and abusive perceptions which are out there, and will persist unless they are displaced by an upsurge of flair and imagination, best encouraged and expressed by ourselves using our strengths, not from the second-hand hearsay and under-currents which denigrate by association and dwell upon our imperfections - which is effectively what stigmatising is.

This Project has small and modest beginnings and needs Sponsorship from charities if it is to grow and extend its activities, and gain momentum to achieve the goals and objectives shared across the board - to remove stigma and discrimination as a factor in the lives of our people. A creative solution which is embedded with our improving prospects as artists exploring new techniques and renewed with fresh inspiration to express something of ourselves through our gifts - and from there to have something from us which we can contribute in our communities - is as a statement from us as well as a reinstatement for us. What could be more Central to objectives within supportive institutions than that?

We can be found at:-


Feel free to have a browse, and Sign up if it is for you! :)

Jake Maverick

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Oct 17, 2008
i have a document that i wish to publish....

if you can help me with that pls email me

brotherjacob at yahoo dot com