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A poem on my relationship


Respecting myself

I see you playing with your friends and I feel totally left out
Right now I feel like I want to scream, cry, holler and shout
My world feels empty and I just feel completely on my own
I try and accept the way things are and desperately not to moan
I don’t think that honestly I really and truly ask for that much
To feel included and to be able to occasionally get in touch

I miss the banter, the messages the fun and games we once had
It’s shrunk to half a day a week, a goodnight which makes me sad
The hoops might be different but I still feel I’m leaping through
In my head I am trying to sort out the way things are with you
I can understand your need to have some space away from me
But it’s not as though we’re always together with each other daily

I know you’re having a really hard time this moment in time
I feel that in caring for you that is like I’m committing a crime
Even though we have our problems and issues I think I love you
I am in pain when I try to leave so really what on earth can I do?
When I fall into your arms the whole world again seems so bright
But you keep pushing; can be mean to me so how can it be right?

I fill my life when I am away from you trying to make it complete
But leave it empty enough just on the off chance you want to meet
When we first met it was the most romantic date I’d ever, ever had
Whenever I think of that time it makes me smile and makes me glad
But since that time I’ve found life has really slowed to a total crawl
When I’m with you there really seems to be nothing fun at all

How can I move forward when it feels you’re holding me back?
But in order to give you up my life will in lustre really start to lack
It seems to me I am stuck between a real rock and a hard place
A decision that will affect everything I am terrified to go face
Everyone I know tells me you are bad for me and I should end it
But in my heart there’s this little voice that keep saying “don’t quit!”


Nov 25, 2009

Very nice!!!:clap:


Its seriously;y a nice poem...you have some awesome talent :clap:

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