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A NOTE TO THE MODERATORS (Do i need to go to therapy again?, i am not sure)



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Jan 26, 2020
Modesto, CA
So touching base, I have not talk to a therapist for over a year+, its been really hard for me inside my head with whats going on in the world . The only things that have kept me sane this year in 2021 are my volunteer job, my duties at home, my step sisters love, face time with my family , texting with family, social media and my hobbies that i do in my spare time ( I am grateful to that). When i was with a psyche program seeing a Psyche Meds Dr and a Counselor in about 2019, My former counselor told me that i was second to last level from graduating counseling services completely since i was higher functioning as a person of mental illness. She told me that i would get to the point where i would be finding the answers on my own. I have had no suicide plans or a plot to harm anyone or anything as of now (at all). Am i fine??? Do i still need to go to therapy for just a few yrs since i did not graduate fully in 2019? Don't know what to believe. I am really grateful for this moderators!!!


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Jul 26, 2021
Do you feel you still need help from mental health services? That’s the only real way of knowing.


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Forum Guide
Nov 10, 2019
I agree, it depends on whether you feel you need help or not.

I would also listen to the advice of your medical team who know you well.
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