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A new approach to diagnosing mental disorders could become an alternative to DSM-5



Well-known member
Aug 17, 2012
The West Country
...the HiTOP system uses empirical evidence to understand overlap among these disorders and classify different presentations of patients with a given disorder...
Am I being daft or does that not contradict itself slightly?

It would be wonderful for professionals to acknowledge disorders overlap because they do.

But then if more sub-sections of 'different presentations' of an illness are created, does that not mean that they'd also overlap?

Like they have sub-sections of schizprenia for instance - paranoid, catatonic, etc.
Surely people can have traits of more than one at different times? :scratcheshead:

Dunno. Just a thought.

I do like the overall ideas behind this though and a spectrum approach would be far better in my opinion.