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A major blessing has finally blossomed.



Feb 3, 2020
London, Uk
I activated my new, entire, finally complete network.

Its an infinity gauntlet.


There are a few more like CASHAPP etc. But I think I am off to a good start.

Oh.. Can't forget.. Opensea.io/collections/EARTHDREAMS

Yes. It is the heart of my career.

So. Goals accomplished. I am very happy about that. Tomorrow a new NFT collection will release. Plus a tour series NFT collection. That will released later. But it includes all dates and all venues.

So that's good. Plus I have a few business trips right after.

Also in good news. I got a list of labels looking to work together. Bidding war will follow. Lol. More good news. I want to show you my September stats.

14 New albums.
127 Songs.
17 days still left in September.
Catalogue sits at 700++ online.

Later today... Social media take over of the universe.. Again. Got to sleep first.

Mentally. My Mom is calm. My brothers are invisible... Thank God.

My two artist stepped out of line. I corrected them. They appear to be getting back on track. I will continue to pray.

I sat with my wife. We had a great talk. My business partners are ok. All is coming together. I am excited about this week..

More goals.

Finish NFT's. Start new series. Market research. Give all of the content to my fans. They want more. I do not feel fully comfortable but I have too many projects to release; not to.

My teachers and business advisors are pushing me harder and harder. The music machine is starting its primary thrusters.

I am working on video concepts. Praying. I am focused.

Very humble. Very grateful. I will always remain down to earth.

All my stars have aligned.

I almost lost my mind years ago.. I want you all to know its finally starting. God has given me the signs. Dreams come true. Anything is possible.

I have praying so hard for so many years. God has been listening all this time...

I am taking a break from recording music for a few days. Just to focus on my social media. Content. Marketing. Etc. Just to connect with my fans again. Its amazing.

Then I have to fly out. I have my contract in hand. Just going through every piece of tiny tiny print before finalizing. My own revision.

Honestly. Just reaching out here helps me keep focus.

Success is about having daily goals. At night tears come to my eyes. Its starting to happen. ... My dreams are coming true again.. But this time I am not 17...And I am in full control. I am 38. Lol.

I am proud of it. ... Plus... My music is fire. I have matured. My skills are mastered. I get better every day. I push hard every day. I do not take my gift and my talent for granted. Priority number 1 is staying alive. My life publicly is in constant danger. That is a draw back.

But other than that. I avoid public places. I do not promote in night clubs etc. It is just too dangerous. And not worth it.

I rather perform at a football stadium for 2 hours, then 24 nightclubs for 3. Its more money. Less liabilities. No drama. Plus. I am a family man. I travel with my entire family. I do not put them in those environments.

Before it was the norm. But now we have a choice. I choose to stay away from those volatile events. Completely un acceptable.

I don't think about it. It really bothers me..I rather take several months to film a movie and stay busy that way. I am sat in my ways.

Work hard a few years. Stay busy. Save. Invest. Go on vacation. Let the world forget about me. Then come back. Have fun during each part of the process.

Mentally tough. I am excited. I am challenging myself daily. Every day I learn.

Thank you for passing by. I appreciate you all. I am extremely grateful. I am extremely humble.

Please do not abandon me. My world is small but full of love. God Bless.

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