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A little advise please.



Nov 14, 2020
Hello, I do suffer with depression and I have for sometime now. I know that if I have a goal to reach for then that occupies my mind, in other words a distraction. I find that helps me. I did attempt suicide in June and since then my number one focus is to get away from my current location and just start new. That's been the goal I have been working towards so I started an English as a foreign language course so I could teach English abroad, I have nearly finished it but due to covid there are no jobs available. After finding out that it probably would be a few years until I could actually do that job abroad well it did get me down and that made me get myself worked up, stressed out and I just isolated myself so I could just evaluate my whole life. I know it sounds extreme but I was banking on that to be my way out and a new path to happiness. Well after a couple of days I found a new plan and that was to move further up north and flat share and get a job or even an apprenticeship. That has given me a new goal to reach and just the will to carry on with my life. The question I want to ask is that if I carry on banking my hopes on goals or targets then would it be a good thing or a bad thing or are there other methods to cope. It may just be that once I get to a place where I find inner happiness then I wont need 'new goals' to chase. Thanks for reading.


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Sep 8, 2020
district of columbia
Would it be possible or practical for you to just perform as a language teacher online? Most major schools have geared up to go over to online classes now.

If and when you do relocate, in or outside the UK, try to find a way to afford to physically check it out in person before you commit.

You don't want to arrive somewhere awful, then have to stay because you can't afford to go back.