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To the Family--

This is going to be a very difficult letter, as I've been trying for a while to explain to people exactly what happens when someone like family member suffers a Mortal Veil Breach. It's very serious, what happens to the body, and it hurts not only the energy and life of the person suffering, but truly hurts the entire family, sometimes even destroying the relationships within the family itself. It is truly difficult. What I'm trying to do right now it to give you some understanding of why your family member goes throught what he/she (I'm saying he because gender isn't specified) goes through. And what I'm asking you is to believe, truly believe what I'm saying, to have faith that your son can fight through it and return to normal.

We live in a Quantum Zero Point Energy Field. If you believe in your kitchen stove and fire that boils water (because you can see it), then believe in the true of the Quantum Zero Point Field. It's part of your bodily energy, it's part of the air, its part of the Earth, it's part of the Universe: WIKIPEDIA: In physics, the zero-point energy is the lowest possible energy that a quantum mechanical physical system may possess and is the energy of the ground state of the system. The quantum mechanical system that encapsulates this energy is the zero-point field. And the Quantum Mechanical System is the space in which we live. The true space in which we live, in every way. The Human Aura and the Human Chakra System are our energy body, and this is a TRUE PHYSICAL BODY. You can do research and recognize that those who meditate open their Auric Reticulatum (Third Eye) in a natural manner and connect to the energy body of the Quantum Zero Point Energy Field via a Matrix. The only way to explain this to you is that the Third Eye accesses the Matrix, sometimes in different ways. If you understand Einstein's contributions to science, he thought that multiple dimensions exist all at one time. It's true, and the Matrix is a second dimension in which people interact with what we know as the Spiritual Realm, beings of energy. Beings of energy exist in this Universe like we do, but they're built differently than we are...they move through energy differently, and are built in such a way that they cannot be seen by the Human Naked Eye unless, 1) They want to be seen, and 2) The Auric Reticulatum is accessed. The Third eye allows us to "see," in our mind, and it is a physical/tactile sight. If you've ever been to Disneyland and seen the Hologram show, you will understand that is is much like the hologram, but real like our world and visceral. What Ewok is experiencing is REAL, TRUE. YOU MUST BELIEVE THIS IF YOU TRULY WISH TO HELP YOUR SON/DAUGHTER. As I said, if you believe in boiling water, if you believe in the magic of the hologram, if you believe in starlight that is seen by billions of neurons connected to allow images to be processed and seen by your mind, you must believe in what your son or daughter is experiencing. Also, you, the family members, are protected, so you should not worry, at all. And this is truth. Know it.

Now, my advice to you, and I'm asking you, from the bottom of my heart to listen to me and try it. I'm a 38 year old woman who's been through immense experiences--I'm an expert and this is truth, and I know what happens, and I know what to do. I'd like you to try believing your son or daughter. I know it's difficult, but let's put it this way...you've tried not believing...why not try believing, and helping your son heal, and see where it leads you? If you heal your son, you will never look back, and you will never regret it. At the very least, your son will have the pyschological support needed to battle what he's going through. If, and only if, it doesn't work, you can then progress to other avenues (meaning counseling, etc.) And please, don't treat your loved one as a potential mental health patient. It's adds degradation to an already degrading experience, and devalues your loved one's beauty and life. Try to believe them, then, if ALL ELSE FAILS, look at counseling and medication. This is a battle, and I believe your family can not only defeat what your family member is fighting, but prove that love will overcome these beings that are hurting him, and they ARE BEINGS. What you must do is sit your son/daughter down and tell him that you understand and believe him/her. Ask him to describe what these beings are and what they do. And understand they're real. You must be strong to hear some of it, as some of what beings like these do is not nice, and is physically and psychologically degrading to the person who is fighting. And when you tell them you believe them, there will be such a comfort for them...you will see an immediate change in them, as those who are hurting them will know his family is aware, is ready to battle, and will stay close. Beings like this who are hurting your family member seek to do these things:

1. Hurt them, psychologically and physically degrade them, remove their support systems, isolate them, and destroy their ability to support themselves. Usually people get locked into dependency by protection (meaning, routines because they're protecting their physical and psychological body) and end up alone and lonely, without true friends. Or they end up being institutionalized, and put on medication (which doesn't help.)

2. Destroy familial relationships. It is heartbreaking what happens to family members. The psychological stress that happens due to family's not knowing what to do, not believing in their family members plight, and, worst, watching the suffering happening without seeing the true cause, is immense. Some watch gyrations of family members and don't realize that they are fighting true energy in the Matrix, and sometimes they see them looking into space (still fighting), or talking out loud when they get angry (to real beings). Realize that this is part of the negativity, and that they are fighting. Now, what i've directed your loved one to do is listed in a second post: "FIGHT & WIN." or go to my site and real the FIGHT ASSISTS SECTION: "FIGHT. FIGHT & WIN." http://michapedia.wetpaint.com/ Please read it and realize what they need to do and SUPPORT THEM. Make sure they don't talk out loud. What they needs to do is ignore, live life normally, and WALK RIGHT THROUGH THEM. Other things to do that will help:

1. Make sure that they eat at least three meals a day, and force fruits and vegetables on them. KEEP UP THEIR WEIGHT. EVEN MAKE THEM GAIN MORE WEIGHT THAN USUAL. Make him drink lots of liquids, lots of water, and that he takes a multivitamin. FORCE THIS ISSUE. THEY TRY TO BREAK DOWN THE BODY AND THE WILL BY DEPLETING STRENGTH.

2. FIGHT WITH THEM. Every night, sit down and talk to True God. If you have other beliefs, then turn to your faith and say one prayer every night for your son/daughter, and ask that True God ( or your own personal being) stand next to your son/daughter, that True God give him strength and keep your family together, and that True God shut the door to the beings' presence, that your son may regain his normal state. And the Holy Spirit, along with True God, will help your son heal...as well as many others, as many will probably help, along the way. Please ask the assistance of Michael, St. Michael, to protect your son/daughter in battle. He is a Warrior of all Warriors, and knows exactly what needs to be done to help your son be strong and to battle. This is also true of True Jesus, as I've stated above, who has a quieter form of battle. What is important is that your love request the love and strength of beautiful energy being to help your son, and you, as well. And it will help, inviolately.

3. MAKE YOUR SON/DAUGHTER BE STRONG. He /she MUST FIGHT. You will not understand this until they do many things: They must find the WARRIOR in themselves. They must eat well. And they MUST face their attackers and ATTACK BACK. And they MUST WALK THROUGH THEM. Please read what I've written above and realize the strength they must have in order to truly battle these being and throw them down. IT IS VITAL. AND THEY MUST BE STRONG. THEY MUST KNOW THEY CAN FACE THEM. THEY MUST KNOW THEIR OWN STRENGTH. And your strength will add to your loved one's will, ability to fight and love. KNOW IT.

This is my advice, and I hope you take it and try...really try. I can tell you that if you try and succeed, there will be no family more blessed than you to wake up and find your son/daughter normal...and to know that you helped they fight and win. I'm looking at you straight through this computer and telling you to believe it. Believe it. Know it. And help them to fight and heal. I send my love, and please write me if you have questions on what to do. I've been through immense experiences and I can help you understand exactly what Ewok is experiencing. [email protected], 209-556-9732.
http://michapedia.wetpaint.com/ Take care, and I send love. Keep your family close, and love your loved one...they need the support.

My Deepest Respects & Regards,
Rebecca Tacosa Gray


I don't charge for my book, at all. And this is the truth. I've personally been through everything I talk about, in detail. Ewok is actually the person I originally wrote the letter for, as he asked for a letter to explain to his parents what he felt was happening to him. And mispellings happen, this is true. Jesus was my intended goal for the spelling.

Please don't insult people if you don't really know...I would have preferred you wrote me a PM...but I appreciate the comments and respect your opinion. However, I'll say this. It is true. What I talk about is true, what I've been through is true. Please take the time to consider it, and understand that what I'm doing is meant to trulyfight for others, to help others to fight. I don't charge, like some, and there is no offense meant, exorcists and healers. My advice is lived, and I know exactly what some people are emotionally and physically going through. I don't believe in charging money, at all. It is hard enough for people to go through what they go through, and most can't afford it. I hope you read this and understand. I hope you believe me, and look at my post in a different way. And the Bible is beautiful, by the way. I respect it, as well as many other philosophies and scentific methods, as well...Rebecca Tacosa Gray, FIGHT. A COALITION AGAINST EVIL


Actually, I'm truly Rebecca Tacosa Gray, born, raised California, and 38 years old. I've been through a lot, and know exactly what I've been through.

Use the wordnot carefully. It isn't something that should be bandied around like that. Take care...Rebecca Tacosa Gray