A couple of 1st person transcripts from the past



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Dec 20, 2016
2nd August 2017 1355
I Have been attempting to masturbate again, but the voices say that they have made M cry, by telling her that I am being investigated.
Here what they are saying at the moment:
Scott: who's talking please
MV: MV, MV, MV, MV ....
M: did you throw those bins on the road
Scott: we've already been through that more than 80 times recently

?FM: is anyone getting hurt
Scott: : no, not as far as I know
FM?: why is this happening
Scott: : because for once, and probably the first time, I would not do as you demand
P: you think we don't exist don't you
Scott: : yes, I think you don't exist

I have been laying in bed trying to get to sleep but B and J won't stop talking. Apprently R has gone to bed
J: scott, are you going to have that last shot?
Scott:none of your business. I do not approve of you looking at mke in the privacy of my own home. Stop looking at me
J: where do you think the detectives are
Scott: how should I know. DO you think I can see hundreds or thousands of kilometers?
J: when you have that last shot ol boy, then you will see fireworks
M?: who do you think I am
Scott: I don;t know
M?: do you care
Scott: yes I care. I care a lot. Who are you
M?:I'm not telling you
J: was it worth it
Scott: I didn't know that you were prepared to drop the charges if I hadn't
FM?: yes we are corrupt

3rd August 2017 1304
Because I published that they were coming to extradite me today, I belive they have changed their plans, in order to avoid me looking like I was overhearing them, but mostly to avoid suspicion of causing schizophrenia.
PC (Police COnstable ?): I am going to give you stick until you commit suicide
Scott: please don't
PC:I am going to....hang on J, hang on, now let me see now. Why don't you get a cleaning job scotty
Scott: I had one years ago. I'm not really fast enough at it I was told
PC:thats a good answer
Scott: are you an australian? what state are you from or in?
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May 6, 2017
My voice lied about being police aswell, said he was coming to get me and nobody came.

Also wanted me to kill myself but that was never going to happen either.

I don't entertain him any more, I just ignore everything he says and don't say a word to him and have done for the past two and a half years. He hates it so much which makes me happy.

Since I figured out what and who is he his the power he had over me has gone.