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A complaint I made



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Nov 23, 2008
Belfast, N.Ireland
Just wanted to share some news with you all. Back last summer when I was ill, I wrote a long complaint about the lack of treatment I felt I got from our psychiatric services. I sent it to 12 people (GP, person in charge for system, psychiatrist etc.) and didn't get one response. Not wanting it to lie, I then sent it to the trust's complaints department. They state that they will reply within 20 days. It took them 4 months to reply!! When they replied, it was a two page letter. They said that they found no fault in my care and treatment. They said that I had been told that I would be in the home treatment house for 3 weeks. (I had complained that they promised me they would give me notice of discharge and they gave me none what so ever). Now, I knew for a fact that the 3 week statement was total lies. Most people go into the treatment house for a few days. How would they know that I would be in for 3 weeks? The statement was not made. I said this in another letter back to them. I said I was getting my notes from the hospital and would see for myself if I was told I would be in for 3 weeks. I did indeed get my notes and they said no such thing. I also made an argument for other valid issues that they said were not at fault and I know I am right.

So I sent that letter off in December. Again, they were meant to take no more than 20 days to reply. Up until last week, I still had no response. So I rang the complaints department again and voiced my annoyance. The senior complaint person said that a letter had been sent out to be offering a meeting. I had not received the letter. So yesterday, a lady called U D rang me. She is the head of the home treatment team (Crisis team). She told me that she wanted to meet with me, along with a senior member of the complaints team and also a senior consultant from the home treatment team. Success!!!

I think it looks like they are listening to me finally. The fact that they are having the senior people meet with me speaks volumes. I really shouldn't have taken it as far as I have - but it was so upsetting for me and I felt I needed to complain and have my voice heard. Most people probably would have given up. I am very persistent and I knew I was right and that I had been badly treated and under-treated as the case was. It's only taken 8 months - which I believe it ridiculous. I have told U D that I would like K M , patient advocate to come along to the meeting with me. She agreed to that. I have to wait until K M rings me and find out when she is available to meet. I am so glad that I kept going with this complaint. I am sure not much will come from it - but I needed to be heard. It appears that they are taking it very seriously now. For that, i am glad.


Nov 27, 2009
It is all so easy to brush things under the carpet and just not bother especially so if you have a mental health problem. The fact is we are labelled and to tread through all the bureaucracy is a huge task in itself.
My biggest regret is being open to people at work about my bipolar. I have stuck a label right across my forehead. People do treat me differently, so much so that I fear I may have to move on.
I take my hat off to you because you have the courage to fight for what you believe to be right. The odds are always going to be against you, but still you have that spark of courage to take you to the next step. You have given me the courage to stand up for myself and boy do i feel a million times better !!!

thank you