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A bit suspicious , but I am a paranoid schizophrenic :/



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Sep 12, 2009
I've been very confident at deciding my own meds and treatment recently and even took on two doctors that have sent the police around to my house to section me in the past, so it wasn't easy to decide to reduce my meds. They responded by wanting me to go on an unproved above recommended dose,and even add another 4mg a day to that..........f****king crazy.

But my wife was offered a grant and a days training to be my carer this morning.

Just wondering if it's just a maneuver to get my wife and I to sign and make it official that she is my carer. Just thinking where I would stand in terms of the law etc.

What happens next year when I want to reduce my meds further? Do they then manipulate and coerce my wife instead? And bypass anything I say or want?

Seriously, a f**king carer? I'm just back from a 20 mile round trip from dropping my wife off to work, I stopped at a garage for a sandwich.I felt like asking the woman behind the till " Do I look like I need a carer to you?". :doh:


Be very careful with this... it reeks to me of this government's efforts to run down State support in any and every way they can. I'm all for close family ties where and when possible, but some of what the scum currently running this country are trying to do will put strain on familial relationships by placing the burden of care on people who aren't qualified to give it.

It's funny how mental health professionals are advised to not get involved with the treatment of family, but family members are being pushed into offering such support without even having the clinical background and experience.

I'd also advise checking whether any benefits you get might be affected by this idea... the Tory scum are getting very sneaky about tricking people into things which they can subsequently use to take money away from them.


Jul 13, 2013
I am too shocked to even think straight and I know we don't always get on, Billfish, and you get on my tits at times, but I have got to say this, your wife is absolutely an abortionist to have anything to do with the state, their git wrenchingly obvious, lousy f******* payouts.

Whatever next. Some scumbag coming in, sitting with her, while caring for you on how to make you a decent cup of cha. You want to scupper that one that fast, for you know what, all she has got to do is sit there for two days while you run rings around her, your brains you know, and when she has had enough, pick up the bloody cpn and say:

He's not behaving himself. I want some time out. And they say what for. She says. He is acting funny. And they say. Why, don't you ask him to sit down and you look for the handset for him. And she says. He has just thrown.... a wobbly.

And what you get is a screech of sirens, a bloody lousy fireman if you don't watch it, and a woman who sits and laughs her head off behind your back when you are carted off to the mental asylum, because you are so f***** mad at everyone, over nowt, that she has won. Again.

Why not sit down and figure? Meaning, please please me oh yeah, like she pleased yo. And now she dont.

Well. Does she? I bet she is a saint, an angel, and would never in a million years create a case note scenario like somebody I know, who had at least :

3 of em, plus outside relations, a step daughter, a son (step once removed), his wife, a whole truck load of friends in the workplace (going back some), some kid off the street pointing a finger, a man with a white stick who did not like the sound of his voice, a whole truck load of notes on his desk, in the local flea pit, creating a sci fi novel....

Hey it was not you, now, was it? Of course not, you were away firing on all cylinders in the f****** army, serving our country, looking out for folks like yo, down there, reading this, and me, too of course, and you come back and this is what you get.

I have just finished a book written by an american, which made me puke, because he went off to harvard, he invaded the mental institution to get his degree, and what he found to his horror was...

Still being terminal illness hey. Finding his facts in the 1950's and still writing about if with no changes to their system, except for worse.

Point is. My feelings are over and my fears are compounded and I have had no sign of any mental illness in my entire life, just a gut wrenchingly obvious anger at people who dispose of people like you so I am sitting here with a thirst for knowledge and a blazzen disregard for people who say I should f*** off from this forum because I am nof sick.

I just pretend to be to get myself on. A spofify if you want and a childhood which was absolutely imperfect, but it was all we had got, and it stood us in good stead, with parents who were brill in one way and absolutely appalling (to todays standards by cart horse mary's ways forwards are just a case note treminder, so do not tremember you who reads that, but for me for my older brains to work properly) in another.

And my mam's favourite saying when her kids were chuffin off about having to wash the dishes or clear out the ashes, and hoover, or sweep was, oh it's not fair, it's her turn, or his turn, or whoever, to get out of the chores so we could go outside to play with our fellow internees, who were all brought up pretty much the same. An na all turned out to be gut wrenchingly obvious deco citizens and are now at the baffling stage of having to still, even now, in this gut wrenchingly obvious lousy awesome worl a great way to go, next step the nossin home for the insane because a lot of my so called friends, ex friends now, who deserted me, because of what I do, are heading straight down into the pit of hell.

You wanna know why. You ask. And I will tell you. But your turn now, and I know you despise me Billfish but I got to say this. I admire your guts and your courage far surpasses mine for never for one minute could I ever say who I was or what had happened to me except through double speak, or barn pot language, and that was why I wrote so many posts back to front.

So good luck with your book. I can't wait to read, and my sane advice to you is don't go anywhere near any national or branch library with a copy for their shelves, either signed or otherwise, for their motto, is who dares wins nothing but a bad look, a bad mouthed attitude, and you know something, there was onlz one book, you know the one, the green one, which was available for schizophrenics in our libraries, and it goes out very rarely, for the facts are, you pick that up, you read if you dare, you drop like a ton of hop picking bleedin ants, and you never in a million years, no, not ever, rediagnose yourself with schizophrenia because that is what I did one year, when I had myself an awesome amount of stress, and all I had was a case load too many of all you lot and far far far too much adrenelin in the skull, and some lousy git of an old 'friend' did not half peep behind a pillar to find out what I was doing, and reported me for acting 'strange'. Now I promised myself to come off this forum and off this forum I do doh go for I have myself a book to read.

So ta.