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A bit of everything



Jul 12, 2010
Hey guys!

I found this site a few years back, I came on here, made one or two posts and then up and left. But I'm really wanting to become a "regular" here... so I guess I'll just start by reintroducing myself.

I'm Giovanni, I'm 21 years old, I live in the stain in Europe called Belgium and apparently I'm bipolar.

I've yet to meet another bipolar person which makes the whole ordeal quite lonely.

I'm an open book. If anyone asks me what I'm feeling I tell them without sugar coating it at all.
Sometimes they appreciate it but most of the time they don't quite understand.
I'm a realist to the core, there's nothing pretty about having roller coaster emotions in a roller coaster life.

I'm not even sure what type of bipolar I have, nor do I know the difference between the two.

When I'm happy, you'll find me awake at odd hours, very impulsive, bursting with self-esteem (you could even say a god-complex), very sexual, capable of physically and emotionally crushing anyone if they step on my toes,everything's fast and life is magnificent.

When I'm sad, I could either be awake at odd hours because I force myself to stay awake but more often than not you'll find me sleeping more than anyone should. Everything gets dreadfully slow and simple tasks just seem impossible. I can't look at myself in the mirror more than 5 seconds or I tear up and cry. I literally hate everyone but I hate myself even more.

When I'm feeling incredibly bad, the only thing that keeps me from "doing anything" is my cat. I just love him to bits, perhaps it's the fact that he's dependent on me and the thought of him being alone is a feeling equally if not worse than what I feel at the time.

Right now I'm what you could call recovering from a period of being down. I felt incredibly bad for 3-4 days, cried my heart out but now I just feel iffy. Not super bad but not incredibly happy. Sometimes I'll have bursts of extreme happiness but they'll fade just as quickly.

How's everyone else feeling?
I have trouble with consistency in my life but I'll really try being here more often.

Kind regards,



Well-known member
Jul 1, 2011
:welcome: back to the forum Giovanni.

Looking forward to reading more of your posts. :)



Well-known member
May 13, 2012
hi !! :welcome: glad to have you back / get to know you ! look forward to reading your posts
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