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A Bipolaric Life



Jul 30, 2009
Hey everyone,

This is a little experience of my 'Bipolaric Life' I think that it's good to share what happened, someone could learn lots from this. I have recently just managed to get out of hospital I was in for almost a year about 3 months ago, I'm 21 now it was my fifth time being sectioned.

It started about seven years ago, I was actually quite intelligent at school it was boring for me, it didn't exactly spark an interest since I was 12 in the first year of high school I stopped doing the homework and never did any whilst at high school. So for this reason I went from top set grade A student to bottom set. The first time I submitted work was in year 11 I was questioned and brought before the headteacher and it was quite intimidating.

Anyway the deadline for handing in GCSE coursework came I managed to complete all the work in 12 hours, obtained a grade A for my graphics coursework, B for the English and C for maths. Then when the time came to go to the exams I simply didn't attend. The school receptionist had to come to my house and drag me to school because the graphics teacher wasn't going to have a blemish on his teaching career :p, so yeah the only GCSE I got was Graphics. I wasn't a bad person, I just didn't go to school.

Then after school was finished my parents divorced. My dad and I moved into my grans house, my mum went to Ireland and my sister went to live on her own. The family broke up like this for many reasons, it wasn't about my failure.

Shortly after I was 16, working in Tesco's and doing Art in college. There was no money around for me so sometimes I had to walk without the security of having money or without a coat to college in the winter, the walk is 11 miles. So yeah I had to do my college work without eating anything for lunch and walking back home.

I didn't mind it was my own fault, with my first pay check, I went and bought a guitar rather than buying food, rent or a damn coat :p. But my gran was happy to have me and cooked my food. I was really quite happy with this lifestyle, I have been into mountaineering since I was very young and loved the challenge, I started going to the gym after college for a swim and then into work where I had lots of friends started going out after work on Saturdays and eventually I met a nice girl.

However, I was txting her late at night and since my dad was on the top bunk-bed and I was on the bottom bunk he could hear the buttons being pressed, and asked me to stop as he has work in the morning, that's when it went horribly wrong. Obviously I didn't stop so therefore I was kicked out of the house. And ended up prematurely living with this girl in her flat. I realised from the first moment that this girl was absolutely beautiful, but after a few weeks I realised she was self harming, I tried to deal with it but I was only sixteen just nearly seventeen and I didn't know what to do.

So I tried for two months and just left her, my plate by this time was already way too full. And I didn't have a secure home, I could have ended up on the streets with no money and no one to look after me. So I moved in with my sister it was a much more stable place. I helped with the rent and house work, did my college work and the Tesco job. (It sounds a lot of work to do but it wasn't really). Anyway, I was so hungry after doing a whole day i wanted to cook food but my sister hadn't cleaned up the kitchen.

I began to clean up, and my sister said she wanted to do it because she feels guilty and asked me to wait until she finished watching TV, I was like no bloody way, lol. And so I started cleaning up, she pushed me away, I sprayed water at her, she screamed at me. Then she called the police even though she was the one who was really very aggressive. The law always looks kindly on women in domestic situations. So I was arrested for breach of the peace, and then I just completely broke down she wouldn't let me back into the flat, I wanted my guitar and coat.

But I was arrested for going back to the flat, everyday she called the police because I went back. I tried to explain to the police, there was no advice of how to get support. I was in a police holding cell everyday for a week. And I lost my mind, I just lost touch. And was wheeled into an MH Hospital in a wheel chair. Where I spent the best part of five years in and out.


Well-known member
May 25, 2009
Hi Lite,

Thank you for sharing your story that must have taken you a tremendous amount of courage. Do you have somewhere stable to live now? I hope things start getting much better for you from now on.:grouphug:


Jul 30, 2009
Hey there,

Yeah things are looking good, I have my own flat with a life-time tenancy just saving up money for some stuff, Its great. I did some journalism and worked with some newspapers wrote several stories about the former CEO of Manchester Mental Health and appeared on a Department of Health Documentary.

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