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a bag looks like cocaine



May 15, 2018
I saw the substance looks like crack on my boyfriend’s desk. It’s a small bag with white power. Nearby has one spoon and the rolled small paper looks like a cigarette. There were some white power in the paper and some in that small bag. My first perception was the cocaine as I saw in the movie. My boyfriend was sleeping so I took as picture. This is the first time I see this and it’s shocking but I didn’t overreact since he has some irritation, verbal aggression toward me and throwing things before. Meanwhile, it had been about a week that I suspect he has hallucination. He mentioned that he has the fiber from his glasses absorb and grow out from his body. I did not see anything growing but at this point I can’t disagree much. This morning that I saw those white powder. I just laughingly and teasingly told him that if it’s in a crazy house I’d think that’s a cocaine to see how he react. He laugh and said it’s not. During day we chat from the phone. He texted me asking do you know how much it cost if what you saw are cocaine? It’s $5,000. That is like he implies to me that he doesn’t have money. However, I secretly talked to his dad and it seems like he spent about 8 grand a month. I was so shocked and can’t believe because all the time he is with me, he told me he doesn’t have money. So I buy all groceries. I have no idea where he spent that much money. But it is connect the dot that he might use drugs regularly and I don’t know that. Do people use drugs make this kind of lie this smooth? I am still in shocked because it’s hard to believe and this is a big lies. If he regularly use drugs and been having the delusion. He feel irritated if I talk about seeing doctor. What should I do next? How can I get the intervention? For my personal safely, I am going to secretly pack the bag and leave because I will not want to deal with any illegal drugs. Please advise,. Thanks!


Well-known member
Sep 29, 2013
You should do what you feel is right. People can be sneaky.

Best of luck :hug: