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A Bad Day


Mad Chick

Active member
Mar 16, 2010
guildford, surrey
Hi Guys,
I had been doing really well and I suppose still am to a certain extent. Have been completely off the Venlafaxine for three and a half weeks. Still getting the odd dizzy turn but on the whole the withdrawl has finally ended.
Have had a very nasty flu-like bug for the last few days, and I know that the flu is a notoriously depressing illness and I'm hoping that its that which is making me feel so down.
Actually its not the down feelings which are so hard to deal with-down feelings and I are old aquaintences-its the anger that's bothering me.
I used to get very angry, I never took my anger out on anything or anyone I was always to much of a mouse to do that, I just took it out on myself and last night I found myself so angry that I had to bite myself really hard to make the feelings go away.
Today I feel a bit better and I think I might be able to control these feelings better than I did before, and anyway I have decided not to go back on pills, I actually want to find out after all these years who I really am.


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Nov 23, 2008
Bonnie Scotland
Hey Mad chick

Glad the withdrawls are over. Not nice.

Flu made me really down one time. i suppose any illness does.

Good you are getting thoo it tho. U sound really positive.

On the anger front, i used to bite myself and other stuff, tho never cut.
It is not the best, keep an eye on it.

But on the whole you sound like you are coping drug free. well done xx


well done, hope you manage with out meds, but if you revert
see your doctor asap, do not suffer,
but good for you and take a bow !