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25 years and still here


Mad Hatter

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Dec 17, 2007
Hi didn't realise I haven't been on here so long time just flies by when you're having fun lol. Anyhow celebrated 25 years on Thursday of suffering from anxiety and depression that is half of my life. I use the word celebrate because at times it was so easy to give up and succumb totally and hey maybe do something silly but no deep inside and that goes for all of us, there is a light that never goes out (borrowed that from a smiths song I know) and somehow I got through. Yes the beast still rears its ugly head and I have to let it have its way for a while but I can say I beat you give me your worse and so far so good. SO if you live near or in brum and wanna buy me a drink to celebrate feel free.:clap:

Mad Hatter

Well-known member
Founding Member
Dec 17, 2007
Castle Bromwich area


Well done Mad Hatter

I've done 22 years as a skitzo

I don't live near you, but i'll certainly toast a drink to you


Sorry I didnt get back to you on saturday my computer went down, Though I drink in the town centre. Take care jd
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