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24 female w/ bipolar disorder, possibly depression & anxiety, been on Lamictal 200mg for a year, got Zoloft 25mg added today



New member
Dec 4, 2015
24 female w/ bipolar disorder, possibly depression & anxiety, been on Lamictal 200mg for a year, got Zoloft 25mg added today

I'm a 24 yr old female who was diagnosed as Bipolar last year in October. I did therapy for about 6 months then decided I was ready to take on life on my own for a while. I enjoyed the therapy but wanted to be able to work through my problems on my own. I felt like I had worked through the major ones and had figured a lot out. I began taking Lamictal (started low at 25mg and then upped to the max, 200mg, after a few months). I have been on it for over a year now. Started in October 2014. I have really enjoyed it and think it has helped a ton day-to-day. I feel like my brain has calmed down and I don't have my mind racing a mile a minute all the time. I sleep better, am calmer, and am happier. But after a year, I still feel that when I am upset/mad I get uncontrollably worked up and more than is normal for a person of my age. I often worry about everything and catastrophize every "bad" situation. Example: I thought my boyfriend was in a hospital or dead when he texted that he was on his way to work, then didn't text me for an hour or so. I do this a lot. It is a pain to me and him and anyone else intimately involved with me. I also am known to get very down/depressed and often get very up. I have a past of self-harm and suicidal thoughts but haven't really had any of that going on for at least a few months.
I had my check up with my psychiatrist, who I've had for about a year now, and after giving her updates on how I've been feeling and thinking, she decided to put me on Zoloft on top of my 200mg of Lamictal. I am starting for 2 months on the lowest, baby dose at half a 50mg pill a day before I go back to see her Jan. 22. Any advice on this? I'm a little worried about getting on more meds and on top of my other meds. I also have heard bad things about Zoloft. Any advice, thoughts, etc. are much appreciated! Thank you! :)


New member
Dec 5, 2015
the problem with meds after a while our body tolerates them thats when they have to keep changing them .. iv been through so many diff meds iv lost count .. and yes you have the problem with side effects ..zoloft is ok in small amounts in my opinion with the mix of lamictal .. have they tried lithium ? but with that even tho its ment to be the best meds the sides can be bad plus you have to have your blood checked every month or so . very toxic to the liver . hope things get better but alas we can only try and stable it as we know there is no magic bullet to cure us .. take care hun x


Jan 15, 2013
:welcome: to the forum.

IMO The thing with medication is that it affects different people in different ways and sometimes someone reacts better without medication, you just don't know until you find what is right for you. It's so frustrating having them messed with so much. I just hope this latest combo helps you.

Take care

Marliee x
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